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March 19, 2021


*Taps mic*... is this thing on? LOL!! Hello, hello and welcome back to Five Faves on Friday where I share a few of my favorite things that I have been loving this week. I am excited to get back into casually blogging and creating my footprint on my little corner of the internet. It's always easier (and quicker!) to share on Instagram but there is nothing like creating a good old blog post. :) 

This week has been quite the struggle for me with daylight savings. I don't think I remember having such a hard time with adjusting the loss of that hour, but this time? My body just doesn't want to catch up. *yawn*.

Ok, so let's do's what I have been loving this week!

My new favorite spring lippie is brought to you by Sephora Collection. It's the  Sephora Palm Street (62) Lipstories Lipstick. I am a sucker for a good orange lippie and this one is so pretty and unique, I am obsessed! It has a slight brown tone to it, with a touch of copper. It's almost more like a terracotta shade. I have been wearing it every day. The texture is nice and light too, but creamy and has tons of pigment. Definitely worth a try if you love orange lippies.

I FINALLY decided to try the dad sandal trend (only a year later, lol) so I ordered  these metallic cuties. They are INSANELY comfortable. I can't wait to see how these fit into my spring and summer outfits, the pop of lilac will be so fun to play around with! 

I loved rocking this thrifted trench coat this week. I look forward to to pulling it out every year as the weather gets warmer to pop over my outfit. It has a bright red lining that peeks through when worn open and it just makes me so happy. See a little throwback of how I rocked it in the past  here. :)

Oh tulips, you are so pretty! I love how wild they are in my beautiful new crystal vase (it was a present from my aunt).  I'm so thrilled my favorite flowers are back! I never want to be without a couple dozen tulips as the centerpiece on my dining room table. I literally come downstairs and smile when I see them.

And what's a Friday Faves post without my favorite drink? A fruity margarita! I have new twist lately and it's made them so much better. I use fresh lemon, lime, orange and blood orange juice to give them a citrus twist and it's SO GOOOD! I also grate lime zest and add it to the shaker to give it extra flavor.  It's tart but sweet and so flavorful. I have also been rimming the glass with sugar, salt and lime zest. It's PERFECTION! See my other fun margarita recipes here, and here.

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xoxo, thanks for reading and sharing!

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