July 15, 2021

The Ultimate Flattering Date Night Dress

This Tiered V-Neck Dress, in black, from Calvin Klein has got to be one of my favorite purchases of the year! The composition of the dress is perfection. The way the material glides across the body and hangs perfectly is so luxurious, I swear you would think this was a $200+ dress. I love that it has a thin waist tie, which could be worn tight under the bust to emphasize the waist (how I wore it!) or it can be gathered and tied around the back for a looser fit. The length is perfection - it's not too short but isn't quite midi-length either. The V-neck is perfect for a date night when you want to show a little bust. :) 

Simple and well made dresses like this one is a must-have in a woman's wardrobe, in my humble opinion. It's so versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. I loved rocking this for my anniversary date night. The way this dress moved as I walked made me so happy.  And it has pockets!! I loved putting one had in my pocket when I was standing or walking... it made me do a little shoulder shake every time. LOL! :)

Dresses like these are so fun to accessorize in any way that you are in the mood to. Statement jewelry or simple dainty jewelry. The highest stilettos, flat sandals... or a pair of cute sneakers.  A fancy belt around the waist.  The possibilities are endless! I opted for a statement necklace and a bright oversized clutch to add a pop of color. 

Calvin Klein makes the best mid-range special occasion dresses! The quality, fit, material... always top notch. Whenever I am looking for the perfect occasion dress and I see the Calvin Klein tag in my size, I always consider it and try it on! 

Do you have a go-to brand for your special occasion dresses? 

Dress ~ Exact one here, but in blue // Similar black dress here, but in a different material (so pretty!) // Love this one too, this color is bomb! 

Shoes ~ Dolce Vita Get them here // These are cute too, I love this heel.  

Clutch ~ Thrifted // but this is a cute option

Feather Necklace ~ Old but similar one here.

xoxo, thanks for reading and sharing! 

June 4, 2021

Friday's Faves | Make Today Count

Happy first Friday in June! There is really just something special about Fridays in the summer. I always wake up feeling so inspired to have a beautiful weekend when the sun is shining. I hope this post inspires you to have an amazing weekend too, whatever that means for you! For me, that means prepping for my high school senior's graduation party (yay!), sipping wine on the patio, going out to a nice dinner and getting things done on my never-ending to-do list. Have a great weekend! 

Here's what I'm loving this week:

I love having a popsicle with my favorite wine. I call this my summer pop. :) If you haven't tried this Sauvignon Blanc from Starbourough, you will be in for a treat if you decide to give it a go. It's super fruity and has the perfect amount of crisp sweetness. It's my favorite in the summer, and all year round, really. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you would know that I am a huge fan of orzo pasta. (seen HERE, HERE and HERE I seriously love and crave the texture! On Tuesday, I decided to grill a bunch of veggies, make a flavorful vinaigrette and toss everything together with some orzo. BEST DECISION EVER. This dish will definitely be in heavy rotation this summer!

I've been having a moment with dresses and sandals lately! I loved rocking  this one to Happy Hour. I just adore dresses that are both comfy and cute. I never though I'd enjoy a t-shirt dress but that's what stepping out of your comfort zone gets you. Pleasant surprises. :) I just love wearing pops of pink... especially neon pink!

Run, don't walk.. go STRAIGHT to Costco...head to the freezer section. Look for the seafood. Find the TEMPURA SHRIMP and immediately add two boxes to your cart. That's all I'm gonna say about that. They are insanely good. 

And lastly, if you are looking for a new summer foundation that has the perfect sheer yet buildable coverage, look no further. This Morphe Skin Tint is pure gold. It has been so great in my warm weather makeup routine. 

 In my case, I have been dealing with some pretty awful hyperpigmentation and dermatosis darkness on my chin and neck for the past year. After changing my diet, seeing dermatologists, working with my esthetician, religiously applying sunscreen and drinking lots of water, the dark spots are getting much lighter, thank goodness! So even with my problem areas, I love that this skin tint doesn't get all over the place and actually covers what needs to be covered! :) 

Happy Friday! 

xoxo, thanks for reading and sharing! 

April 2, 2021

Friday's Faves | Pretty Little Thing

Hey you pretty little thing! :) Sending a big giant Happy Friday to you! 

This Friday came around so fast, I really can't believe it. This weekend will be another fun-filled family weekend and I so excited. Looking forward to doing some relaxing, cooking a big Sunday dinner and enjoying my family this weekend. I will be rocking my Fancy Apron, blasting my music and getting things done! Can't wait! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with love and sunshine. 

Let's get on the what I have been loving this week:

The minute I came across  these giant pastel sunglasses, I knew they were meant to be MINE. First of all, I love me a pair of statement sunnies. Annnnd this minty/teal color is my FAVORITE. I had a hard time finding them at first, they were out of stock everywhere, but luckily I was able to track down a pair. They came in, I tried them on and let out a little scream. I love them so much. And while a HUGE pair of sunglasses is not everyone's cup of tea, that's quite alright. These aren't for everyone. They're just for me! :) 

I did some spring shopping in NYC this weekend, specifically for sandals, and was able to snag some pretty cute ones.   These strawberry cuties came home with me. They are so adorable on and that crystal strawberry has the pretties sparkle! Give me allll the cutesy summer sandals this year, especially now that I can actually wear them somewhere. 

Speaking of cutesy summer sandals, I saw these and just HAD to  get these neon sandals in both colors - the vibrancy just did something for me. I can't wait to wear the pink ones with an all white outfit and some gold jewelry. I can definitely see me rocking the neon yellow ones with a denim-on-denim look this spring. 

One of my favorite looks to rock is an all black ensemble. Especially on Monday mornings when I just don't feel like thinking about what to wear.  Black bottoms, black top, snakeskin mules,  black and gold belt, a cute headband.... DONE! 

OMG. I have been completely obsessed with this yellowfin tuna that we get from Costco. The quality and flavor is unmatched. Mixed greens, arugula, this tuna, homemade croutons and a good Caesar salad dressing? Insanely delicious and so satisfying! And if I'm feeling fancy, I add some Kalamata olives and roasted red peppers. I will be doing a detailed blogpost soon. You have got to experience this flavor! :)

xoxo, thanks for reading and sharing!