Cocktail Hour! Easy Apple Pie Margarita

January 19, 2018

This margarita recipe is one of my very favorites to drink in the fall and winter months.  It seriously tastes like an apple pie in a glass!  I love how easy peasy it is and by incorporating store bought pressed apple juice, this takes a few minutes to whip up but makes a BIG impact. If you've been reading my blog for a while or follow me on Instagram, it is no secret that I am literally obsessed with margaritas and have a relationship with them {hashtag margaritanista}. I would say I am definitely a margarita snob {not sorry!}.

Needless to say, I am always looking for the BEST new way to enjoy an icy cold margarita. :) 
Ingredients: {Makes 2 Margaritas}

Juice of 1 Lime
3 Shots {4.5 Ounces} Good Tequila {Silver or Gold}
6 Ounces of Fresh or Pressed Apple Juice
2 Ounces Triple Sec
Sugar + Cinnamon to Garnish the Rim
Lime + Apple {Or Pear!} Slices to Garnish the Drink

{It is driving me nuts that this picture isn't straight. LOL! But the beautiful sight of this icy cold bottle of tequila somehow makes it look better. :)}

{Start by adding the juice of a lime to a cocktail shaker.  I always buy really large limes; I LOVE extra fresh lime juice in my cocktails. And no, I'm afraid the bottled lime juice or the stuff that comes in those fake plastic limes just aren't the same. Fresh is best! :)}

{Next add in the shots of tequila. Your favorite one will do just fine. I happen to LOVE 1800 Silver! :)}

{In goes your GOOD apple juice.  I have also used apple CIDER here and it's just as delicious!}

{The triple sec goes in next, which in my opinion, is a very important ingredient.  It instantly adds a bit of smoothness and the perfect citrus accent to a margarita and is what takes it from good to GREAT! If you aren't regularly using it at home for drinks, I suggest you give it a try.}

{Shake, shake and shake all of these delicious ingredients well! I love the act of shaking a cocktail, hehehe! I always feel so professional!}

{A GOOD margarita always starts with a sugared or salted rim! I rimmed this apple pie margarita in a cinnamon and sugar mixture and it was the best decision EVER.  Every sip was so delightfully sweet.}

{Pour your golden delicious margarita over ice in a pretty glass and enjoy responsibly. It is sweet but tart, cinnamonny and limey... and all things GOOD. You will love this one!}

I cannot even stand how perfect this cocktail is. Perfection!!

xoxo, thanks for reading!

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