Royal Blue + Butterflies

January 31, 2012

{Royal Blue Dress ~ Forever 21+ / Butterfly Blouse ~ GO International / Black Tights ~ HUE / Gray Snakeskin Pumps ~ Isaac Mizrahi for Target {old}}

I love looking back at old outfit posts to get ideas of what to rock when I am in a style rut.  Like the one that I was in this morning.  It would have been so easy to just grab a blazer to throw on but just as I was complaining and wondering where all my cute tops were, and after seeing this post this weekend...I promptly remembered how much I love this butterfly blouse with the covered buttons.  Popping it over this easy and pretty blue dress was such a great decision today.  I have deemed royal blue my color.  I can't get enough of it!

The unseasonably warm temperatures here are great... but scary.  I should not be able to go outside comfortably without a jacket in January.  My mind thinks it's spring; I almost went without tights today.  But then snapped back to reality.  Tomorrow is February, for goodness sake. And February is love month.  YES! I am ready.

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Vintage Dress + Pink Pumps

January 28, 2012

{Vintage Dress ~ Thrifted / Pink and Gold Leather Stretch Belt ~ Thrifted / Black Tights ~ HUE / Pink Suede Pumps ~ Nine West / Gold Clutch ~ Rebecca Minkoff / Pink Rose Bud Bracelet ~ Betsey Johnson}

Rocked this last night for a double date night in the city.  A fancy and delicious meal + dessert and great conversation was a great way to spend our Friday night.  ...and I was super excited to debut this dress that I thrifted a couple of months ago.  Love love LOVE it. :)

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

xoxo, thanks for reading!


January 24, 2012

{Blush Blazer ~ Thrifted.Vintage Liz Claiborne / Black Trousers ~ Torrid / Ivory Floral Blouse ~ Bellatrix via Nordstrom Rack / Black Patent Pumps ~ Nine West / Jumbo Ring ~ H&M / Rose Gold and Ivory Watch ~ Gruen}

I realized this morning that I was saving this blazer for warmer temperatures - perhaps because of the light color?  I am not even sure but I am glad I decided to just wear it.  I usually love myself for making such brash decisions so early in the morning.

Are you saving something for the summer?  Or the perfect occasion? Or the weekend?  Wear it tomorrow.  You'll be happy you did. :)

xoxo, thanks for reading! 

{Flashback!} Friday

January 20, 2012

{July 10, 2004}

...and they lived happily ever after. :)

Prison Stripes

January 19, 2012

{Black ad Taupe Striped Dress ~ Vintage via Etsy / Black Sweater Vest ~ was an over sized sweater that I chopped the sleeves off of and snipped down the middle / Black Tights ~ HUE / Olive/Brown Suede Boots ~ Nine West}

Not only was I a whiny, tired and headachey mess when we snapped these pictures tonight after work, it was BITTER cold out and I could not move, LOL!  I was determined to capture this outfit though and am enjoying sticking to my goal for 2012 - to update regularly. :)

I admit that this dress could either be seen as absolutely hideous ... or absolute adorable.  I of course think it's the latter.  My love of stripes will likely never fade; I feel so quirky whenever I have them on.

I made a promise to myself that I would turn in at a reasonable hour tonight, so I have to finish my hair and to bed I go. AND tomorrow is Friday. YAY!

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Creamy Rotisserie Chicken Salad

January 18, 2012

I am drooling as I upload these pictures and type this.  This was BEYOND AMAZING.  And easy.  I yapped on the phone with my mom the entire time while whipping this up and snapping pictures. :)

{Pull the meat off of your rotisserie chicken and chop up into small pieces.}

{Finely dice 1/4 cup of each: red pepper, green onion and celery.  Red or white onion would also work. You want reaaaalllly small pieces for this.}

{Next, gather your ingredients for the creamy dressing.}

{Start with the mayonnaise; using maybe 1/2 or 3/4 cup at first.  Remember, you can always add more if needed.  The last thing you want is slimy chicken salad with too much mayo.}

{To the mayonnaise, add a 1/2 teaspoon of white wine vinegar and 1 teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and a few cracks of black pepper.}

{Add your chopped veggies and dressing to the bowl of chopped chicken.}

{Mix well until perfectly combined.  Add more mayo, if needed. YUM!}

{I made sandwiches for Cory and the kiddies, using toasted multi-grain bread.}

{Over a really thin layer of mayo on the toast, I added fresh spinach leaves, sliced tomatoes and a teeeeny sprinkle of salt and pepper.}

{I piled on the creamy chicken salad.}

{And added a sliced hard boiled egg to each one.}

{Sliced it in half and was DONE. AMAZING.}

{I opted for crackers to scoop up and enjoy my chicken salad.}

{So so so good.  If chicken salad is your thing, you will LOVE this. ENJOY!}

...and the leftovers at work were even better.

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Fool Proof

January 17, 2012

{Graphic Printed Dress ~ Dorothy Perkins / Black Blazer with Gold Buttons ~ Thrifted / Black Tights ~ HUE / Black Suede Wedge Booties ~ Via Spiga / Black Leather Handbag ~ Daisy In Philly Boutique}

This little dress is easily one of my best purchases, ever.  I have worn it so so much and I love it more each and every time.  See it worn here, here, and here.  I have officially deemed it my version of the 'little black dress'.  You know, the one that you look great in, can be styled many different ways and can be worn for any and every occasion? 

I think it's important to have a dress that you can throw on when you are not feeling your best and instantly feel fab.  Or in my case {this morning}, can reluctantly crawl out of bed when you are dead tired and grab it because you KNOW it will never fail you.  What could be more perfect? :)

Do you have a go-to dress?

Gray + Blue

January 13, 2012

{Ink Blue Ankle Length Trousers ~ Jones New York / Navy and Ivory Tie Neck Blouse ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Gray Silk Blazer ~ Thrifted / Gray Leather Snake Print Pumps ~ Isaac Mizrahi for Target}

I felt like a million bucks in this outfit on Thursday.  I had a meeting first thing in the morning and I felt like I could conquer the world rocking this blazer and these pumps.  The old saying "when you look good, you feel good" is never NOT true.  Note to self: in 2012, wear more blazers to work.

Ok, enough about work - happy Friday!  Well almost Saturday now.  :)  I am enjoying a quiet evening on the couch with a glass of wine and reruns of King of Queens on the DVR.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  It's going to be a cold one and  I plan to do much of what I am doing right now.  Nothing. LOL! 

xoxo, thanks for reading!