Why I Blog {Hello 2012}!

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating. 

As excited as I am to start 2012, I can’t help but reflect on how wonderful 2011 has been for BeautyFash, the blog. When I began blogging in April of 2010, I had absolutely no idea how much I would enjoying sharing my life and style through this blog.  I knew it would be fun for me to see my personal evolution and to have a diary of the happenings in my life, but I didn’t know it would affect so many lives. 

I think what surprised me the most is how relatable I am to so many people.  To all of the mothers out there who are taking care of home and still fly.  Or the women who are looking for more easy and tasty recipes to make at home.  Or the women who love to thrift and can get inspiration from seeing what I scored at the thrift store.  Or the girl who isn’t a makeup guru and just wants to add a little pizazz to her makeup routine, via drug store purchases.  Or the girl who doesn’t put much thought into her outfits and just wants to get an idea of how to put things together in a way that she didn’t think of.  Or the mommy on a budget who just wants to see someone rock thrifted pieces mixed in with normal items and not out-of-reach designer labels and shoes that are totally out of her shopping budget.  And let’s not forget the women who are not a size 4 or 6… or even 10 or 12.  Real sized women with real bodies and curves who just want to see someone with a body like theirs wearing cute clothes.

I love being the blogger that can inspire and be relevant to those women.  And this is why I blog.

I am just a mommy and wife who wants the best for her family and who likes to have fun doing it.  I don’t cook everyday but when I do, I like to make flavorful and easy dishes that are also fun.  I cannot beat my face like some of the YouTube gurus; I have a simple beauty routine using simple products that can be found at your local CVS or even the beauty supply store.  I don’t have an outrageous shopping budget, I almost always shop the clearance rack and every single blazer that you see me rock was thrifted.   

Last month, I was hit with a troll commenter telling me how fat I was and how I should lose weight.  Although the comments did not bother me in any way, other than being curious as to what low life would take the time to even think I would care about what they had to say about MY body, after tracing the IP address and finding out - it made me sad.  Sad to know how empty their life is.  It’s a shame {for them} that they wasted time commenting to the wrong person – my esteem is too high to even be touched. :)

{Knit Leggings ~ on clearance at ASOS - LOVE THESE! / Black Tank + Black Tee over it ~ Old Navy / Teal Cardi ~ Thrifted {was a sweater that I snipped down the center, love the unfinished egde} / Pink Glitter TOMS ~ Nordstrom / Bangles ~ Thrifted}


Plain and simple, I have curves.  And my journaled outfits are my ‘Curvy Chronicles’.  I will never be skinny and I am more than happy with that.  I love food and cooking and will continue to share the good food that I make.  I have bumpy love handles and a pudgy belly.  And I will continue wearing form-fitting tops that graze them.  I wear a size 14.  And sometimes 16.  And I will continue to try on the 14 first, or the 12 even, if it looks like it will fit. :) I have hips.  And thunder thighs. But I will continue to wear leggings and jeggings.  I have fat and I have jiggle that I just totally and utterly ADORE. And my too-good-to-be-true husband does even more than I do. :) 

My blog resolution is to post more.  More cute outfits, more good recipes, more beauty ramblings and more about what makes me Lexy.  Thanks for being here with me; I hope you'll stick around.

Here’s to hoping 2012 will be even half of what 2011 was.

xoxo, thanks for reading! 

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