Prison Stripes

January 19, 2012

{Black ad Taupe Striped Dress ~ Vintage via Etsy / Black Sweater Vest ~ was an over sized sweater that I chopped the sleeves off of and snipped down the middle / Black Tights ~ HUE / Olive/Brown Suede Boots ~ Nine West}

Not only was I a whiny, tired and headachey mess when we snapped these pictures tonight after work, it was BITTER cold out and I could not move, LOL!  I was determined to capture this outfit though and am enjoying sticking to my goal for 2012 - to update regularly. :)

I admit that this dress could either be seen as absolutely hideous ... or absolute adorable.  I of course think it's the latter.  My love of stripes will likely never fade; I feel so quirky whenever I have them on.

I made a promise to myself that I would turn in at a reasonable hour tonight, so I have to finish my hair and to bed I go. AND tomorrow is Friday. YAY!

xoxo, thanks for reading!

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