{Flashback!} Friday

December 30, 2011

{Family photo shoot, 2009}

I couldn't think of a better flashback photo to post about for the last {Flashback!} Friday of 2011. 

I feel so abundantly blessed to have a wonderful husband and 2 happy and healthy children to share my life with.  We have so much fun together – hectic school mornings getting out the door… mornings spent lazing around watching tv / reading / coloring… busy weekend afternoons running errands together…  family vacations and getting to create fantastic memories…evenings at home playing games or telling stories… time spent with family and friends. 
I have such a sense of completeness with my Cory, Cory and Isis by my side that it almost brings me to tears.  Here’s to another great family year, I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring.

{I can't believe how much they have grown in 2 years!}

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Quite Possibly

December 29, 2011

This ivory glamour coat {as I like to call it}

is quite possibly

my absolute
favorite purchase

of 2011.

I just

adore it

so very much! :)

{Ivory Coat ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Black Skinny Trousers ~ Torrid / Black Suede Wedges ~ Via Spiga / Floral Scarf ~ H&M / Red Leather Fringe Bag ~ Daisy Boutique}
Do you have a favorite purchase this year?
xoxo, thanks for reading!

Winter Classic

December 28, 2011

{Denim Jeggings ~ ASOS / Denim Shirt ~ GAP / Plaid Blazer ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Red and Gold Stretch Belt ~ Thrifted / Black and Gold Reva Flats ~ Tory Burch / Red Leather Fringe Handbag ~ Daisy Boutique}
I am such a huge fan of the denim on denim look. Especially a darker bottom and lighter top.  There was something classic and perfectly pulled together about this outfit; especially for a Saturday.  I am usually super casual when running errands with Cory and the kiddies but I decided to jazz it up a bit, this past weekend. :)  Thankfully we didn't do much walking outdoors, my feet were freeeeezing in these flats, lol.  I fail to realize that being sock-less in December isn't really a good idea. 
...hot beverages in hand, we worked our way through the holiday shopping crowds.  Isis was so happy I let her get a kid's sized hot cocoa from Starbucks... they even wrote her name on the cup.
She gets a kick out of the smallest things; I absolutely love it.

xoxo, thanks for reading!

A Manicure Worth Repeating

December 27, 2011

An otherwise neutral manicure with one bright and fancy accent nail {using my favorite glitter polish: Milani Jewel FX in gold} has been deemed my signature manicure. 

{"Sand Tropez", by Essie and "Four Leaf Clover", by China Glaze}
{"Sand Tropez", by Essie and "Russian Navy", by OPI}
{"Sand Tropez", by Essie and "Peach Daquiri", by Essie"

I also love the contrast of the two colors, shown perfectly in the picture below, which happens to be the manicure that I am currently rocking.

{"Turquoise and Caicos", by Essie and "Mesmerize", by Essie}

I love mixing tonal shades. The sparkle in the chunky gold glitter gives it extra pizazz.

You will be seeing more of my signature manicure in 2012, for sure. :)

Do you have a signature manicure / nail color?

xoxo, thanks for reading!

{Flashback!} Friday

December 23, 2011

{Cory Jr., 4 years old}

Cory {or Cor Cor, as I like to call him} has always been what the true definition of "boy" is from as far back as I can remember.  From the minute he could walk, he was running around getting his little hands into everything in sight. 

I remember when he was just shy of 2 years old - he rode his motor-powered car down a flight of outside stairs. Yes, concrete.  It scared me half to death, before realizing that he wasn't seriously injured.  With a busted lip, scratched up nose and forehead {and after getting him all cleaned and bandaged up} he was right back in that car with a smile on his face.

{Cory Jr., 12 years old}

I was young when I had him {20 years old} and I had no idea then how much he would change our lives. ♥ 
He is growing into quite the young man, right before our very eyes.  It amazes me DAILY how tall he is; we are almost the same height!  He does well in school and is becoming more responsible each day. He is the best big brother to Isis - it makes me choke up when I see how he takes care of her.  
Words to describe my Cory: funny {makes everyone laugh}, charming, smart, witty, hungry {at all times! lol}, energetic, athletic {obsessed with football}, calm and positive {never ever complains!}.  
He is still quite the dare devil and we promised him a real dirt bike when he graduates and goes into middle school this year.  Oh, my nerves!

I am so, so, so, so proud of him.  He reminds me so much of his father, I can't wait to see the great man that he will become.

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Feminine Layers

December 22, 2011

{Fuchsia One Shoulder Ruffle Dress ~ AGB, via Macy's / White Scoop Neck T-shirt ~ Old Navy / Navy Short Sleeve Cardigan ~ H&M / Mustard Floral Scarf ~ H&M / Graphite Jacket ~ Kensie / Black Tights ~ HUE / Fuchsia Suede Pumps ~ Nine West / Black and Gold Crystal Watch ~ Kathy Van Zeeland / Black and Gold Leather Handbag and Gold Drop Earrings ~ Daisy Boutique}

So, it looks like this will be my new location for outfit pictures during the week.  Although it was pitch black when we went out to take these pictures after work, they came out ok. :)

This was a really fun outfit to wear to work.  I felt so girly wearing pink and ruffles. 

I love layering in the cooler months and this little dress is just the perfect base.  And since it only has one shoulder and is a PARTY dress, a long sleeved t-shirt underneath was in order.  These pumps are so very comfy, but they are bit too big and are not the easiest to walk in since they flop off my feet.  I have to get some insoles for a tighter fit.

I am so happy that the weekend is almost here.  I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the extra day off.  I'll be back tomorrow with a {Flashback!} Friday post.  I love Fridays. ;)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Sweet and Spicy Asian Glazed Shrimp

My family is always in the mood for Chinese and I just love making it at home.  With a few ingredients that I already had on hand, I was able to create this amazing 10 minute shrimp dish.  It could not be more quick and EASY, the rice took longer to cook!

1 Pound Large Shrimp, peeled and de-veined
1/4 Cup chopped Green Onion
2 Tablespoons Minced Garlic {or 2 whole cloves, chopped}
1 Teaspoon Minced Ginger
2 Tablespoons Honey
1/2 Cup Ketchup
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce
1 Teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper Flakes {less or more depending on your taste}
1/2 Teaspoon Onion Powder
2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

{Gather round your ingredients.  I tried to list the measurements as accurately as possible, but I pretty much just eyeballed everything. :)}
{Dump in and whisk together all of your ingredients instead of the shrimp, green onion, oil and garlic.}
{Over medium high heat and in a nice large pan, heat the oil and add in your minced garlic.}
{Once the garlic starts to sizzle up {but not brown}, add in your chopped green onion and stir.  Let them both sizzle together for a minute or two.}
{Add in your shrimp and let them cook for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly.}
{Pour your sauce over the shrimp, green onions and garlic. YUM!}
{Reduce the heat and let this all simmer for about 4 minutes.  Not much longer, as the shrimp will get rubbery when overcooked.  Your sauce will thicken nicely from the cornstarch.}
{Serve with steamy rice and enjoy!  I like to use Jasmine rice. It's sticky and delicious, especially with Asian dishes!}

I plan on making this again with scallop and shrimp. Can't wait!

ENJOY!! :)

Fringes + Pink Fur

December 17, 2011

{Dark Skinnies ~ Source of Wisdom via Torrid / Hot Pink and White Chevron Top ~ Old Navy / Hot Pink Hoodie with Rabbit Fur ~ Thrifted / Gray Fringe Boots ~ Minnetonka}

If you look closely at these pics, you can see the snow flurries that began to fall as we were shooting these.  So unexpected and definitely unwelcome.  Gosh, I hate the winter.

I am looooving my new hair.  I installed it on Wednesday night, trying a new technique {partial weave instead of full} and it seriously took me 5 hours to take out, wash, deeeep condition, blow dry, braid and sew it in.  My arms are still sore.  I think it was worth it though. :)

Happy Saturday night!  I am headed for drinks and dinner with girlfriends.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

xoxo, thanks for reading!

In {Faux} Fur

December 15, 2011

{Skinny Jeans ~ American Rag via Macy's / Coral High-Lo Tunic ~ Free People / Olive-Brown Suede Boots ~ Nine West / Faux Fur Cropped Jacket ~ Gallery via Nordstrom Rack / Handbag ~ Fendi Spy}

I am so excited that it is finally cold enough to wear my cute little faux fur jacket!  I did feel a bit over-the-top in it and I have to admit - I loved it. :)
I am so exhausted tonight - about to turn it in early.  I have my company's holiday party tomorrow evening so I have to be well rested; it's going to be a long day.
I hope you are having an amazing week. xoxo, thanks for reading!