Let's Talk: putting outfits together

October 20, 2011

Let’s face it: having a blog makes me think about my clothing / style A LOT {does that make me a narcissist? If so, fine with me! :)}.  It also makes me realize what I have and sort of curbs my shopping / spending, which I love. 

I get asked quite a bit what my system is when getting dressed in the morning and putting outfits together.  Truth be told, there is no real system in place.  I am the most random person when it comes to style and I believe in having fun and not thinking too much about it.  Most times it works; but believe me, I have days that are not pictured here on the blog when I am looking an ENTIRE MESS. LOL!

It does help my getting-ready process tremendously that my closet is still organized by color. It makes it so very easy to grab and swap out one specific colored item for another, if I need to. I have color combinations that have become favorites and just work well together.   

Like pink + red: 

or green + pink: 

or navy + orange 

and let’s not forget black/white + any other color!

A big part of why I do themed mini-series {blazers! / belts! / color! / fall trends!} here on the blog is to focus on a specific item, style, trend or color for a period of time, which MAKES me think outside of the box when getting ready.  It’s also fun to have a reason to wear a blazer {as if I really need one, lol} or a chance to highlight my belt collection.

Here are a few questions I have been asked.  I thought it would helpful {or at least interesting} to share some details.

Do you pick your outfit out the night before?

For the most part, NO.  Unless for some reason I am thinking of what I want to wear the next day at night while cleaning or thinking about my closet, I grab what I will be putting on that morning.  I do struggle sometimes with choosing combinations so early and trying to think outside of the box {oh how I could wear trousers, a t-shirt and a blazer every single week day to work} but I soon realize the ridiculous amount of clothing that I own and I force myself to JUST WEAR IT.

...and to reach for those things that never see the outside of my closet.  Or the things that I may be “saving” for a certain occasion or day to wear it.  There is no time like the present, right?  I get a huge kick out of myself when I am fancied up for work {like this themed number here}.  I also feel great and walk with my head just a little higher when I am perfectly pulled together.  After all, when you look good, you FEEL good.

How do you decide what to wear each day for different occasions and what is your process?

Outside of having a mini-series to dress for, the direction in which I go in for my outfits totally depends entirely on how I am feeling when I sashay {or stumble} into my closet, pull that string on the light bulb and begin to scan my options. 

I have come to rely on my ONE KEY PIECE {or OKP} method.  It’s deciding on that one item that I know I want to wear for that day.  Depending on the occasion, that could be a certain dress, or a fancy top.  For work, my favorite pair of trousers.  I’ve even used accessories {SHOES! a scarf, necklace or belt} as the OKP.

Once I have that one key piece that I KNOW I am putting on, the rest is easy and it’s simply building around it. 

On a Monday, when I am having a rough time even making it to the closet, simple classics are always the answer.  I pick out a pair of well-fitting trousers first.  And then grab a blouse or long sleeve t-shirt {been loving those lately} and a cardigan or blazer to pop over it.  Done!

In the summer it was a pretty dress as the OKP.  Add a blazer and that’s it.  So easy!  When getting dolled up for a date night, again, I try and find that one special piece that I want to wear and then add to it.  A newly thrifted dress or blazer that I am dying to debut is always good to grab.  Sometimes, I do have to play around with combinations until I am satisfied with the right one.  And as I am sure you know, pulling down items and trying them on can lead to a closet meltdown.  They have been few and far between for me though, all thanks to a color coordinated closet.

Specific example:

The ONE KEY PEICE was the leopard tunic; I knew it was time to wear it again, so I decided to build my outfit around it.
- I love the length and it would have been perfect for leggings but this was an outfit for the office so leggings were out. 

- Next was deciding on a pair of pants that would work.  I thought the cropped length of these Jodhpur pants would be a subtly trendy choice for the office and would be better than full length pants with the longer top so I pulled them to wear. 

- I also know how much I love the idea of wearing leopard with a bright color so I started searching for a bright cardigan to wear; this pink one was the first one I saw so I popped it on. 

- The shoes were easy, comfy and neutral. 

- The belt was also easy and I knew I needed one; I can’t seem to wear a tunic without belting it, so I put on my favorite gold stretchy one.

- Done!

What are your rules to live by when putting together an outfit?

# 1 is simple. I wear what I want. If I want to wear heels to the grocery store, I simply go for it.  Sequins during the day? I do it! This is MY style and it should be fun.

I have stopped saving pieces for special occasions. There is no time like the present. Wear it now! 

I try not to be too matchy-matchy.  I just love throwing in splashes of color that don’t necessarily “go” with what I have on.  You want to have FUN, remember?


I have always been into style, dating back to my teenage years, when I would raid my father's closet stealing his cardigans or button-up shirts to wear to school with jeans.  I remember wanting to look good and discussing outfits in middle and high school with my girlfriends, so style is an important part of who I am.  When I get called fancy or over-the-top and when I feel over-dressed, it just makes me smile.

So there you have it.  Hopefully, I didn't ramble too much. :)

I am dying to hear from you! Please share your getting-ready tips. 

Do you pick out outfits the night before?

Do you have a system for getting ready?

Or, is there a special way your closet is organized?

Let's talk!
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  1. i try and pick my outfits the night before but of course i always end up not liking it and changing in the morning and running late. i love your one key piece method, i will be trying it!

  2. Yes Rena! It's a fun and easy way of grabbing things to put together. :) I am the same way, good intentions, always - but never happens. LOL!

  3. I have to take that tip on color coordinating my closet!!!


  4. I am very simple. I keep the out fit plain and build from there.
    If I wear a colored top I accessorise with an arm full of bracelets and a scarf. I try to keep the earrings simple. I wear hoops or studs daily.
    When Im getting dolled up, I make the top my one key piece.
    I keep everything else simple.
    Its kind of a unique way to be different.
    BTW I <3 your blog!

  5. I kinda just rotate a few favorite pieces in different ways to see what happens (kind of a 30 for 30 before it was popular). I'm not that big on accessories - a scarf in a different color or my own earrings. Every now and then, I'll incorporate a trend or two.

  6. Great Topic Lexy!! My secret to getting ready is organized chaos. I like the fact of not knowing what I'm wearing until the morning of...this way I have no other choose but to rush because I know that I have to be out the house for work at a specific time. This works perfect for me. Also sometimes I think the less effort you put in the better you look. I may try the "organize by color". I have things all over the place, including in my daughters room. That’s the only challenge I face while prepping in the morning because I have no clue where anything is. I love the one key piece method. I usually work my outfit around my shoes.

  7. My closet and my shoe collection are both color coded, and b/c my jewelry collection is soooo huge I keep all of my jewelry in ziploc bags to keep things from getting lost tangled, etc....I pick out work clothes the night before b/c I have to be at work so early but for going out events I like to pick an outfit off the top of my head and see if it works...........sometimes if I buy a statement piece I already know what I want to wear it with out of my closet anyway.


  8. Your OKP method is EXACTLY how I get dressed. Thank You!

  9. Well my husband is a prior military guy, so he sets out his clothing for the week on Sunday night.. (NOT ME) I think about it a little before I go to bed.. kind of think of that one thing I *want* to wear.. like my pink sweater.. or trouser jeans..these boots.. etc.. (maybe my key piece) then I work around that key item.. I don't have a real system for getting ready, it's so random..sometimes I have to iron something or don't like how something looks and will change in a second.. My closets are totally random my husband laughs because my stuff is everywhere and his is all nice and neat, I go through a lot of wardrobe changes.. I think that's why.. and the funniest thing is that Mr. Parks has more clothing, shoes, coats etc. than I do.. I'm going to start displaying him and his fashion sense on here very soon..


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