On a Monday

June 7, 2011

{Black Maxi Skirt ~ Forever 21 + / Black and White Striped Oxford with Gold Buttons ~ Ann Taylor / Black and Gold Flats ~ Tory Burch / Black and Gold Watch ~ Kathy Van Zeeland / Black and Gold LOVE Necklace ~ Thrifted}

Being honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this outfit today.  But I decided to take pictures and post anyway. 

I want to showcase my honest style on this blog, the good and the not-so-good. That means posting pictures of outfits that I love {when I am dolled all the way up} ...and then an outfit on a Monday when I wake up and have NO clue what I will put on.  On top of running late, heading to work. 

...Exhausted from a busy Sunday and my hair needing to be done.  Like today.

And since I am being honest, I did NOT want to wear this skirt.  I don't think it's really appropriate for the office, honestly, but skirts and dresses are my friends on these days.  This was so easy to just pull on, I really couldn't stop myself.  And the shirt was a no-brainer; I grabbed the first thing that didn't need ironing, lol!

Everyday can't be all glitz and glam.  And I am ok with that. :)

xoxo, thanks for reading! 

I am off to finish my hair... fresh 'do for this HOT week, coming right up!


  1. I SO appreciate you posting the not so perfect photos. Its nice to see real women with flaws because that is what is beautiful.

  2. Love this look! Never would have thought of pairing things this way but it is classy and fabulous just like you. That necklace is great as well!

  3. I like this outfit, thanks for posting this could be an idea for me as well.

  4. Can definitely appreciate posting your fashion in it's most raw form: truth. Besides, I need to know how you "throw" things together on your late days so I can have an idea of what I can throw together on my late days! ;)

  5. Love the "realness" of posting a quickly put together outfit. I think you look adorable. Loving the necklace!!


  6. Thanks for keeping it real...but guess what? You honestly still made it work and it looks nice...Some peoples bad days are really baaaaaad...lol and this isn't what I consider baaaad...have a good one..

  7. We same to have the same dilema for making outfits office appropriate. Maxi dresses are hard to pull off for work, but I think with your button down top you did it great!

  8. Truth is beauty, and you do both well. Each piece on it's own is cute so a re-mix will show their beauty.

  9. lovely outfit, I think you did just fine. :)

  10. I always tell you that you look super fab not matter what you put on!!! You just know how to pull an outfit together:-)

  11. I really like this outfit. I actually have the same maxi skirt and I do wear them to work. I may not wear a maxi dress, but the skirt works for my office.

    You look amazing girl!


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