May 31, 2011

Grab and Go

{Royal Blue Dress ~ Forever 21 + {last seen here with neutrals} / Pink Peony Cardigan ~ Victoria's Secret / Royal Blue Suede Gladiator Booties ~ ASOS {last year} / Beaded Necklace ~ Thrifted / Cyrstal Watch ~ Kathy Van Zeeland / Handbag ~ LV Damier Azur Noe {can't stop carrying this bag, I feel like it works with everything!}}

As you will soon see, my summer work uniform will mainly consist of a dress or skirt of some sort,  an open cardigan {that can easily be yanked off when I walk outside of my air conditioned office, into 95 degree temperatures} and cute sandals or flats.  An outfit like this is so easy to grab and put together, giving me a few extra minutes to rest my eyes in the morning, lol.  Grab and GO outfits are the best!

I knew I wanted to go bright with this dress this time, since I wore it last month with neutrals.  I almost wore a bright yellow cardi, but grabbed this yummy watermelon pink one at the last minute.  I also almost wore a belt but decided against it - I sometimes feel like I am over styling outfits more often than not.  I'm working harder to keep it simple. Every outfit does NOT need a necklace.  And bangles.  And a belt.  And dangly earrings. I am {naturally} an over-the-top person, so this is quite the challenge for me.  But I can do it. ;)

And these sandals?  SO amazing, one of my favorite pair.  I was so excited when I pulled these out of the "summer sandals bin" that has been tucked away in the garage since last summer.  I now have to uncover the bin of summer clothes.  I have a pair of white trousers somewhere that will need to make their debut soon.

xoxo, thanks for reading!


  1. Love the blue and pink combo --- BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Cute I like that you made it simple...but I do like the extra jazz you put on your outfits

  3. Love the color blocking, your cardi is so cute:)

  4. le bleu et le rose, te vas vraiment très bien, j'adore ta robe.
    Très jolies photos

  5. adorble and put together so well. love those blue shoes.

  6. I loved this blue dress the 1st time you wore it, and I'm still a fan of it.


  7. Such a pretty color dress. I think you should do a series showing how you can style the same dress more than one way, I would have never thought to pair this up with pink.

  8. I love that you go big with your total look, makes you, you and very unique.

  9. SUPER CUTE! This has become one of my fave color combos!

  10. Love it! Both colors look so good on you! That shade of blue is my favorite this season...

    xoxo Dionne

  11. love the color, and i am also LOVING the sandals from asos. you look so pretty :-)


  12. OMG that blue!! I just got some blue pants from ASOS that I am going to wear. I was thinking about pairing them with pink and now I know that those 2 colors look great together! You look amazing! I love those shoes and your LV bag is super cute! Kiah

  13. Lexy you are just so cute! I love this outfit and I looooove the blue and those shoes! OMG!

  14. Love it! What material is used for the sandals?

  15. love the blue+pink combo :)hope you can check out my blog or some +vibes & inspiration! i am also hosting a great giveaway; a one of a kind Frida Kahlo cuff! XOx

  16. What a beautiful dress. The color combo screams ready for summer. You rock the nicest accessories!

  17. I love this dress on you. The color is beautiful, those boue sandals are great and you look so nice. Love it.

  18. You have a fab blog girl, very well put together!

  19. LOVe your blog, your outfits are so pretty and LOVE your hair! :)

  20. You look so beautiful in this shade of blue. !!
    I just started reading your blog, and I'm already a fan

    keepup the GREAT work !
    ps. it's nice to see another blogger in PA hahah

    now following =]

  21. I never find anything cute @ Forever 21 aside from a top:( I hear the ones other places are better than GA! So sad:(

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