Make the Cut!

April 27, 2011

{Black Pants ~ Torrid / Coral Silk Blouse ~ Vintage.Thrifted {last seen worn here} / Ivory Vest with HUGE Black Buttons ~ Thrifted {was a jacket and I cut the sleeves off} / Ivory and Black Striped StrawTote ~ J Crew / Gold Lionshead Necklace ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Multi-Strand Gold Hoop Earrings ~ Alfani via Macy's / Black and Gold Watch ~ Kathy Van Zeeland / Black Heels ~ Mossimo via Target}

Did I ever tell you how scissor-happy I am?  I will pull out a pair of scissors in a heartbeat and turn a jacket into a vest {I don't mind the raw edge at all!}.  Or jeans into cutoff shorts.  Or a dress into a skirt.  Or turn my longer hair into a choppy bob {as soon as we got back from Baltimore on Sunday, *chop chop*}. Or a sweater into a cardigan. Yeah, I just can't stop my cutting impulse.

I am also infamous in our house for cutting the collar off of Cory's brand new freshly white Hanes t-shirts, turning them in slouchy off-the-shoulder tees for me to rock on the weekend with jeans and flats. :)

I may or may not be looking for things to cut and transform, as I type. LOL!

xoxo, thanks for reading!


Eight Things

April 25, 2011

{My Isis turned 8 today. E-I-G-H-T. With every birthday, she's even more proud to be a year older.  Boy, how time flies when you are enjoying life.} 

{Not only does she get straight As on her second grade report card, she is the ultimate Mommy's Helper and Daddy's girl, all the same.} 

 {I have so much fun shopping with and for her, she has her own style, yep even at 8.  Her birthday list this year, included a pair of pink shades.  She barely took them off this weekend.  I think she loves them. ;) This past fall, we had a conversation about not being too matchy-matchy, as in pink top, pink skirt, pink socks and pink shoes.  Yes, together.}

{I remember when she was {prematurely} born at 35 weeks.  A mere 3 pounds and 15 ounces, she spent 10 days in NICU, and not ONCE needed oxygen.  She was a strong little thing, and still is.}

{She has the biggest heart and very often asks Mommy and Daddy if we need anything.  Do you want a cold water? Do you need help? It's the cutest thing, you would ever see.} 

{And did I mention she reads on a 3rd grade level? In the 2nd grade? Beauty and brains. I remind her how important the latter is every chance I get. ;)}

{We enjoyed our weekend in Baltimore, staying at the hotel was her favorite part.  Oh, and seeing the Dolphin show at the National Aquarium, which she thought was boring at first.  We had ice cream cake and grilled burgers for dinner tonight to celebrate and we are planning a fancy sleepover this weekend.  Just like Fancy Nancy {her favorite} would have.

I love you Isis Brielle.  May your every wish, ever made come true.

C'est Chic

April 18, 2011

{Black Broomstick Skirt ~ Forever 21+ / White and Black Sequin C'est Chic Tank ~ ASOS / Orchid Pink Silk Blend Cardigan ~ J Crew / Gold Stretch Belt ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Buttefly Print Bow Headband ~ Made by my Bestie ~ Bedazzledup Accessories / Black and Gold Leather Embossed Paris Speedy Cube ~ LV / Black and Gold Leather Flats ~ Tory Burch / Gold and Black Butterfly Lucite Bangle ~ Betsey Johnson / Gold Hoops ~ Beauty Supply, and they happen to be my favorite earrings, EVER!}

If I could pick ONE outfit that described my personality and style, it would be this one.  A sparkly tank, a floor sweeping skirt, flashy and chic flats.  A statement handbag with bright gold accessories.  ...and a FUN headpiece.  I wore this to a fabulous style event, then to sip amazing pineapple mojitos on Sunday with my bestie and it was just the perfectly fun ensemble.

I have been living in these flats during the week and on the weekends. And the fact that they go perfectly with my favorite handbag and favorite earrings makes them even more irresistible.  They are so easy to grab.  The problem with me LOVING a pair of shoes is - I want to get more COLORS! The silver ones are calling my name. ;)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Out of the Blue

April 14, 2011

{Royal Blue Dress ~ Forever 21 + / Animal Printed Cardi ~ H&M / Taupe Leather Booties ~ MRKT / Faceted Glass Bead Necklace ~ Express / Leather Handbag ~ Rachel Zoe for QVC / Multi Hoop Gold Earrings ~ Alfani via Macy's}

When I bought this bright blue dress, I immediately knew I wanted to rock the BRIGHT color blocking trend when I wore it.  My HOT pink wide suede belt with maybe a yellow blazer.  Unexpectedly, at the last minute, I decided to go the total opposite and pair this with neutrals, minimal jewelry and I just love the way it turned out. 

It was 80+ degrees on Monday so I decided to get the hair off my neck and go with a messy top bun.  Cory pointed out that I should do this more often; he loves it, which makes me love it even more. ;)

Admittedly, I was thinking I should have popped a belt on with this dress; it sorta looks like something is missing without one.  Oh well, I will have all spring and summer to remix the styling of this baby and I'm excited!

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Six Things

April 12, 2011

 {Sparkly suspended butterflies hanging in Isis's room. I love the bit of whimsy that they add.}

 {Nope, these new sneakers are not for running, LOL.  I think they are adorable so I bought them to wear on the weekends.  Jeans, a white tee, a cardi and these Saucony sneakers will be so cute, don't you think?!}

 {Adding a few NEON colored items to my spring / summer wardrobe, starting with this cute little jacket that I found on sale at Macy's.}

{I also bought this slouchy top from Forever 21 +.  Am seeing this with gray skinnies and cute flats on the weekend.}

 {Buying a fresh bouquet every Friday is becoming a tradition.  It's like my little treat for the house each week.  Whole Foods has the best selection and these are actually on week TWO with very minimal wilting!}

{I have been an iced tea junkie lately and this is a new fave from Trader Joe's. So refreshing!}

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Golden Sparkles

April 11, 2011

{Black Riding Pants ~ NY&Co / Black and White Heart Tunic ~ H&M {both last seen here} / Gold Stretch Belt ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Black and Gold Leather Reva Flats ~ Tory Burch / Gold Sequin Beret ~ / Assorted Gold Bracelets ~ KJL and  Chamak by Priya Kkar}

In addition to enjoying a wonderful Saturday afternoon of shopping and relaxing with my mom and sisters, being able to go out on a date with Cory was the highlight of my weekend.

I just love our alone time: enjoying a quiet dinner in the city, sharing entrees and ordering dessert. Having amazing wine and discussing our summer vacation plans. Even though we already purchased plane tickets to Florida in July, fantasizing about going to Vegas again {instead of Disney} without the kids was fun. BUT we quickly remembered how much fun we all had last year in Florida, not only visiting the parks {Typhoon Lagoon was our fave} but enjoying a week away - together as a family, creating memories. ...and I am excited about that!

I lost count of the amount of compliments I got wearing this sequined beret. Apparently, this thing gets me tons of attention. LOL! I had to have told 10 people where I bought it. And I LOVE that! Gold sparkles at night in the city was a magnificent idea.  And you already know, I want to order a few more colors. ;)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

P.S. ~  I am teaming up with some beautiful bloggers {Eboni, Prissy, Leslie and Charee} for a fashionably fun challenge. Head on over to one of my blogging girlfriend's place for a sneak peek ~ Fashion du jour.

Check out what we have brewing and stay tuned, it's gonna be GOOD! ;)

Simply Floral

April 8, 2011

{Multi Color Floral Skirt ~ Old Navy, last year / Lime Green Top with Flutter Sleeves ~ NY&Co / Black Cardigan ~ Torrid / Orange Suede Heels ~ Seychelles / Multi Hoop Gold Earrings ~ Alfani via Macy's / Black and Gold Crystal Watch ~ KVZ / Thrifted Gold Belt and Tom Ford Shades in first pic}

For some reason, I felt really restricted when I had the gold stretch belt on {in the first pic}.  So I took it off and opened the cardi.  Much better.  Sometimes, it's just easier to nix the extra accessories and go simple. Feels good, actually.

It also feels good to go bare legged; it was almost 70 degrees when I wore this.  I must say, my legs could stand some sunlight and a bit of color, LOL.

A note about these shoes: they are pretty comfortable but for some reason, the wide band near my ankle hugs my feet really tightly, which causes them to swell.  BUT, they are not uncomfortable.  For that reason, I have to decide if I want to continue to wear them.  I do LOVE the color and they are super cute.  We'll see.  Don't you hate when something cute just doesn't work out? Maddening!

xoxo, thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend!

Six Things

April 7, 2011

{A peek at my desk, currently in a nook in the corner of my bedroom.  And yes, I use my Tory Burch shoe box to store ribbons and fabric scraps. ;) We have plans to fully finish the basement soon, which will serve as an office for me {slash} hobby / craft room and extra space for the kids}

{Extra butterflies leftover from the earrings that I made in this post.  I love how whimsical they are.  Thinking of creating something interesting soon.  Or just keeping them on my desk.  So fun to look at.} 

{Miami Glow fragrance by J-Lo.  Although "celebrity perfumes" are usually cheesy-ish, I just adore this scent.  Smells so good, just like a warm summer night.} 

{Fun bracelets.  I just love the clanky noise that bangles make, LOL!}

{Purchased these beauties from a jewelry vendor at the Flower Show last month.  They are HUGE and are so pretty! Definitely "statement earrings"} 

 {Lions Head doorknocker earrings, found at the thrift store {of course!}.  I love the crystal eyes.}

I will be doing a series of "Six Things" throughout the month of April.  Not necessarily favorite things, just THINGS.  I hope you don't mind my randomness. :)

xoxo, thanks for reading!