Full of LOVE

February 1, 2011

 {February has always been one of my favorite months.}

 {A month full of positivity: My hubby's birthday, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, the shortest month of the year.}

{And although we are in the middle of winter and covered in snow, I smiled this morning when I woke up in February. :)}

{Currently planning a romantic dinner and date night in the city, followed by a relaxing hotel stay, for hubby's birthday/Valentine's day. The theme: Passion and LOVE. ♥}

*wearing H&M top, DKNY jean jacket and earrings made by me. And can I just say, I can't wait to do my hair this week!*

{And speaking of love, my 7year old Isis and I can't stop eating these strawberry flavored, heart shaped, marshmallows. So good!}

So tell me, do you get cheesy and LOVE-y in the month of February?

xoxo, thanks for reading!


  1. Im the queen cornball...so yes! Im planning some creative things for the hubs. Im so excited!

  2. I love Feb too! I feel the love and can't wait for Valentine's Day! ;-)

  3. What a cute top and jacket. You have a new blog fan.

  4. Love the sequin top!! You look great!

  5. Of course! :D Can't wait for Valentines day! :D hihi, you look amazing btw, love the pink top on you. Great color on you.

  6. I love Feb for the same reasons, but its my birthday. The boy has created a week for me called birthentine....I love it...LOL!!

  7. These are marshmallows? I love them! I swear my boyfriend doesn't like February much. In fact he asked if we could celebrate Valentines one day earlier to avoid the crowd. Hehe.

    On the top: pink sequins! Love!

  8. I truly love your unique sense of fashion. I believe love should be celebrated all year round not just one day. Please stop by & visit my blog, thanks in advance, Forty Fab & Blessed.

  9. I am going to look back on your DIY butterflies I need some of those for the spring and summer very cute.


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