January 29, 2011

Winter Blues

{Skinny Jeans ~ Source of Wisdom via Torrid / Polka Dot Top ~ H&M / Faux Leather Jacket ~ DOTS / Leather Boots ~ Steve Madden / Crocheted Cowl ~ Made by Jaimielee over at Hip Oh!}

I. LOVE. this. cowl.  Not only is it so very soft and cozy, the color is just FABULOUS.  I am very easily uncomfortable {not to mention,  I just hate being bundled up}, so this cowl is perfect to throw on to add some warmth to my neck.  This is probably the 10th teal blue item that I own.  There is just something about this color that I am crazy about!

It was crocheted by my blog friend Jaimielee.  She is so talented!  Check her blog out here, she takes amazing pics {and has the cutest puppies ever!}. Drop her a line if you would like one, I believe she is still taking orders. Personally, I would love one in every color!  Could you imagine a bright red one? LOVE! :)

xoxo, thanks for reading!


  1. Your smile is something else. I would have never paired these together, but you made it work. I love the cowl.

  2. LOVE! You are so damn cute! Loving this outfit, polka dots and all. I love the cowl scarf, I just bought one a couple weeks ago. Of course, it's black! lol IDK what I was thinking.

  3. i love the outfit especially the bright cowl. amazing

  4. That cowl is divinely sumptuous and adds just the right amount of perk. Love it and j'adore me some polka dots!

    Chic eternal you are :)

  5. Love, love, love the polka dots!

  6. You definitely shouldn't feel winter blues because you are so cute in this, so warm, toasty and had polka dots about you!

  7. Just came across your blog today, I love your style and you're so pretty. Love the cowl as well, the color looks great on you.

  8. That teal is popping off your skin color beautifully? I'm a sucka for pops of color. You look FAB!!!

  9. LOVE the pop of blue!! simply stunning. :)

  10. You are too cute! Those polka dots are so darling. ;-) I MUST add polkadots to my spring wardrobe.

  11. OH WOW!! that color is GORGEOUS!!!!

  12. your smile makes me smile :)

    love the snood


  13. Let me get that knitted cowl! It is absolutely gorge... Luv the color too, you rockin it girly!

  14. You are so adorable and gorgeous Lexy:-) I love that scarf on you and the polka dots!!!

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