Five Faves on Friday

June 9, 2023

Happy Friday! I am back again today, sharing the little touches of whimsy that have brought me joy this past week.  I hope you had a lovely week, let the weekend funners begin! 

1. ~ Starting things off with this cutesy disco ball that I ordered on a whim. I have been obsessed with browsing the "dopamine decor" trend on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. One common item when browsing around was the disco ball and I knew right away that I had to get my hands on one. I picked up this little cutie disco flower and it has made me insanely happy since hanging it in my "babe cave".  

2. ~ I attended to my first pilates class this week and I really enjoyed it! I am looking for FUN ways to move my body, that don't involve me dreading it before it even begins. I won't say the pilates class was fun... (I don't think I will ever classify working out as fun, sadly)... but it was enjoyable enough that I will definitely go again. 

3. ~ I went and got a much needed pedicure and refill today and decided to go with this soft and pretty sheer pink by DND. The color is #059 "sheer pink" and its definitely going to be one of those colors that I get when I have no clue what to choose. It's sheer but also a little opaque, if that makes sense. And it has a slight lilac-y tone to it. I love it! 

4. ~ This was definitely one of those weeks where I didn't put much effort into my outfits, and I think that terrible smoky cast from the Canadian wildfires had a lot to do with that. The air was just so thick and gloomy, I had no desire to put on a cute outfit.  However, I did put a little something together on Wednesday and it definitely lifted my spirits. These green pants from TJ Maxx are so different and fun. I love the tie waist and tie ankles. 

5. ~ I picked up these tropical summer potted plants from Costco this week and they have brought me sooo much joy! Seeing these when I walk up to my front door has been a highlight of the week, for sure! They are so bright and tropical, love love! 

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo ~ Thanks for reading! 

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