Five Faves on Friday

June 2, 2023

Happy First Friday of June! It utterly amazes me how quickly these months seem to just fly. I swear it seems like a week goes by and BOOM! We are in the next month. I am excited to partake in some summer fun. I am looking forward to dining and cocktailing outside...going on long walks and taking in the vibrant green trees and the beautiful summer blooms.  Weekend trips to the farmer's market. Evening ice cream dates...movies in the park, etc etc! Bring on all of the happy summer things!

Today I am sharing some of the things I loved this past week. 

1. ~ I have been being intentional about moving my body more and going on long walks around my neighborhood. I live in a very hilly area, so I actually like to call them hikes, LOL! But these walks have been doing my body GOOD. The highlight of this week's walks was definitely seeing a family of bunny rabbits hopping away as we walked up. 

2. ~ Speaking of doing my body GOOD, I have also been loving eating more salads this week. Every night for dinner has been a different variation. This one was my fave - a simple grilled shrimp greek-inspired salad. We have really been loving grilled shrimp as a protein choice for our salads. It's so quick and easy when you don't have much time to prepare - I simply coat them with a good infused olive oil, sprinkle with lemon pepper seasoning and cook on the gas grill. Done! 

3. ~ This "Cassili Fragrance from Parfums de Marly" has quickly become my favorite for the warm weather! I am a sucker for soft and pretty scents, and this one is absolutely gorgeous!  Its's a fruity floral, but it's also rosy and warm with hints of vanilla. Definitely worth a blind buy, if you're into those types of fragrance profiles. 

4. ~ Old Navy Pixie pants are a forever favorite for my work wardrobe! I like to pick up a few fresh pairs every season because i literally wear them a couple times a week to work. I love the fit of the pixie and they come in the best classic colors and also some fun patterns and shades to switch things up. I picked up new black, navy blue and gray to get me through the next few months. 

5. ~ ALL PINK EVERYTHING! Wearing all pink is such a mood booster. I decided to just throw on all different shades and this was such a fun look for the office on Monday. 

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