January 3, 2020

Friday's Faves | And so the Adventure Begins...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!  I am super excited to be back with a brand new blog post on the first Friday of 2020!  There is something absolutely magical about starting a fresh year and feeling like this is the start of a clean slate.  And it's even more special because this is also the beginning of a new DECADE! I don't really do "New Year Resolutions" but I did make a list of personal goals I want to achieve this year. I can't wait to cross each one off as the year goes by. 

I also like choose a word of the year. This is always a word that describes where I want my focus to be for the next twelve months.  The word I chose for 2020 is HEALTHY. ♥

{We went out on the town for New Year's Eve for the first time ever and had a wonderful evening.  It was so fun getting all dolled up and putting on a cute outfit to ring in the new year with my husband. Of course I sipped Sparking Rose while getting ready. :)}

{My teenager decided to have a New Year's Eve party and her decorations were the cutest - she did everything herself! It was fun getting ready and coming downstairs to festive gold and white decorations!}

{I picked up some sour champagne gummy bears and literally snacked on them all night long.  They were absolutely delicious! I put some in a sandwich bag and tucked them away in my purse.  I was so happy when I remembered that I had them in the Uber on our way to the second stop of the evening. LOL! I already can't wait to get them again next year!}

{I also picked up these gigantic gold hoops from the beauty supply store to wear with my outfit.  There is nothing like a new pair of sparkly gold hoops.  And I ALWAYS get mine from the neighborhood beauty supply store.  They are so cheap and such good quality!} 

{Here is what I wore - simple and classic. I also loved rocking this BRIGHT orange lippy. 
CHEERS to an amazing 2020! Wishing you all another year of everything you desire and more!}

xoxo, thanks for reading and sharing!