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October 18, 2019

This has been the longest week ever; I am SO looking forward to relaxing this weekend! I have plans to go thrifting so I am SUPER excited.  I am going to be looking for unique blazers and tops, I hope to have some fun pieces to share on the blog soon, wish me luck! 

Have a fantastical weekend! ♥ Here are five of my faves from this past week: 

{I woke up craving a berry smoothie on Sunday so I decided to whip one up and it was perfection! I added frozen strawberries, fresh blueberries, oatmilk, low carb strawberry yogurt, and almond butter to my blender and whizzed it until smooth.  It was so filling and delicious.}

{Later on Sunday afternoon, I whipped up a chicken sandwich  for lunch because I am missing that infamous Popeye's chicken sandwich SO MUCH. haha! My teenager convinced me to try and make my own and needless to say... it was super duper BOMB!! A seasoned and crispy chicken cutlet, spicy mayo, dill pickle slices, sweet and creamy coleslaw,  all on top of a buttered and slightly toasted brioche bun. WOW! I am craving one right now.}

{If I had to have a signature lip color, it would probably be this pretty deep raspberry coral shade called  "Je T'Aime" by Marc Jacobs BeautyI love it so much and always get tons of compliments when I wear it.}

{These sunflowers on my dining room table have been making me smile all week.  They are such a delightful welcome when I come downstairs to make coffee in the morning.} 

{This was my favorite outfit of the week, I felt perfectly comfy and cute for an impromptu brunch date with hubby. I love a good dress + jeans combo! :)  Deets: Jeans | Dress | Sneakers | Handbag 

xoxo, thanks for reading and sharing! ♥

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