Making a Perfect Salad!

October 2, 2017

I was on a HUGE salad kick this summer and I enjoyed every minute of it; I think it is safe to say that I am 100% obsessed with salads. I usually eat a salad a day, mostly during lunchtime, and I very rarely get tired of eating them.  I consider myself a salad enthusiast and a bit of a salad connoisseur so I wanted to come and share a few of my tips for making the most flavorful salads, especially since I get so many rave reviews when I make them and share with my family.  If you remember this blog post, you will know how much of a flavorful salad fan I am...and nothing much has changed. :) I am looking forward to incorporating more hearty fall ingredients into my salad in the coming months, shredded Brussels, roasted squash, etc.

A Good Green Base
A good base of greens is probably the most important element of making a good salad.  If you add a ton of delicious toppings but the base isn't right, I think the salad will fall short.  My favorite green base to use lately {as you can tell from the recent photos above} is baby spinach. I love the crisp texture of baby spinach. I also love that it is a DRY green.  Other lettuces can tend to add too much moisture to a salad, especially romaine, but I think spinach holds up well.  BUT when I am in the mood for a good classic Caesar salad, nothing else will do BUT romaine. 

Green salad bases that I am a fan of – spinach | romaine | kale | butter lettuce | shredded cabbage

Delicious Protein
An important ingredient in a good salad is a delicious portion of protein.  Whether it be a poultry, beef, fish, tofu or beans, it's nice to have a hearty meaty component in a salad.  I have been loving blackening a piece of salmon and adding it to my salad.  I simply season a nice fresh piece of salmon with lemon pepper seasoning and a bit of salt, then pan-sear it over medium heat in a non-stick skillet until it is golden brown. It is perfection.  Another easy go-to for my salads is using store-bought rotisserie chicken.  I pull the chicken meat from the bone, chop it and toss it in. Way too easy! Leftover steak was sliced and added to my beef fajita salad last week and was complete perfection!

The possibilities are endless for protein salad accompaniments –  grilled, seared, baked or fried chicken breast | chicken thighs | shrimp | salmon | tuna | steak | ground beef | turkey lunch meat

Fresh Vegetable Toppings
I have been known to do a "refrigerator clean out" and grab every leftover vegetable in my crisper drawer and make a huge salad for lunch or dinner.  I probably cannot name a vegetable that I do not enjoy in my salads.  They can either be tossed in raw, or roasted / grilled to bring out additional flavor.

Some of my favorites are – cucumber | shredded or sliced carrots | red, green or white onion | red, white or green pepper | avocado | green beans | asparagus | tomatoes | olives | squash | zucchini | broccoli | beets | cauliflower.

Seasonal Fresh or Dried Fruit
More often than not, I add a pop of sweetness to my salads using season fruit. There is something completely satisfying when taking a bite of flavorful salad and encountering a delicious pop of sweetness. Fruit lends interest to boring salads; even the simplest plate of greens and a good dressing will be kicked up a notch when fruit is added. 

Here are some of favorite fruity salad toppings: blueberries {favorite!}| strawberries | sliced apples or pears | grapes | cubed watermelon | blackberries | raspberries | raisins | dried cherries | dried cranberries.

Cheese Please!
Cheese is almost always present in my salads. I mean, cheese makes everything better, am I right?

Some of my favorites to use are: aged sharp cheddar | feta | blue cheese | gouda | parmesan.

Just like with any good meal or recipe, texture in a salad is very important.  Salty + sweet // crunchy + creamy, those combinations are what make a salad go from ok to AMAZING.  I cannot and will not eat a salad without some sort of crunchy topping. LOL!

My favorite crunch factors are: croutons, of course! {I love making my own, recipe to come}| sesame sticks | nuts of any and all kind - roasted, candied and raw! | crispy onions | wonton strips | tortilla chips | potato chips {yup!!} | plantain chips.

Getting Dressed

There are few things that are more disappointing than compiling a huge bowl of the perfect combination of ingredients that will make the most amazing salad, only to have the dressing fall short. I have made my own dressing many times, and I always love the way they turn out, but I will be honest and admit that my absolute favorite dressing is store bought. It's this one here: Ken's Steak House Chef's Reserve Tableside Caesar Dressing. This salad dressing is phenomenal and pairs perfectly with every single kind of salad there is. It is perfection! My favorite dressing to make is a sweet and spicy sesame vinaigrette that I will be sharing here on the blog soon, so stay tuned!

There are other miscellaneous items that I love to enjoy on my salads like, deviled eggs, fresh herbs, salsa, sour cream, pickles... and let's not forget the grains like, pasta, quinoa, wild rice, ... and I can really go on and on...I am a salad fanatic!

I will be back soon with more fun salad topics but for now I am dying to know – what is in your absolute favorite salad?

xoxo, thanks for reading!

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