Tequila Fruit Spritzer

April 6, 2017

Fun little fact about me: I have tequila cravings more often than I am willing to admit. I can't really explain it, besides possibly being a lush, haha, but I just enjoy the taste of good tequila, especially when mixed with fruit juice. Even though I enjoy a good tequila mixed drink (namely margaritas!) all year, when the weather gets warmer, it's time to start whipping up my tequila spritzers! 

These are so simple and so yummy and most important to me right now, low in {added} sugar and calories. They require very little effort and it is almost surprising how these very few ingredients mixed together creates the most delicious cocktail!

Here's how I hook them up:

{In a pretty glass, add in the fruit of your choice and begin to mash it so that it releases all of the yummy {and natural!} fruit juice.  Pineapple may be my favorite to use but watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, orange segments, OR all of the above together - all work perfectly in this spritzer.}

{Next add in some ice.}

{Then pour in your favorite tequila! One shot is perfectly fine but I prefer a shot and a half or two, depending on the day or occasion. :) It's too difficult to try and pick a favorite tequila, but I am loving this Camerena brand at the moment. It's very inexpensive and tastes really good; it's so incredibly smooth too. Definitely a must-try.}

{Add in the fruit juice of your choice. I enjoy pomegranate juice. It's perfectly tart and not too sweet.}

{Top the mashed fruit, ice, tequila and pomegranate juice off with about 4 ounces of your favorite sparkling water.  I am a huge fan of the La Croix brand - I love every single flavor that they offer and every single flavor tastes really yummy in these spritzers.}

{Mix with a pretty straw and ENJOY responsibly!}

This tequila fruit spritzer will definitely be my go-to spirit this spring and summer.  Fruity, sparkly, pretty and it packs a tequila punch? ...what more can you ask for?}

Let me know if you give this a try!

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