Back in Blue!

June 14, 2016

{Denim Dress ~ Forever 21 / Jeweled Sandals ~ Ivanka Trump / Tote Bag ~ Louis Vuitton Neverfulll GM / Jumbo Gold Hoops ~ Beauty Supply Store / Sunnies ~ Amazon}

Hello friends!!!  If you are reading this, I appreciate you still being here after my unexpectedly long hiatus.  I wish I had a profound reason for being away so long but honestly, I didn't plan on taking such a long break. Unfortunately, the longer I waited to snap pictures for a recipe or outfit post, the easier it was to forget about blogging all together.  I became uninspired which made the break even longer.  Six months later and here we are. I did begin to miss my creative outlet, that I like to call my teeny little corner of the internet, so I am happy to be back. 

I hope you'll continue to stick around!  And I  hope to continue to inspire you with my practically cute outfit posts and delicious family meals.  

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