Workwear: All Black Everything!

March 31, 2015

{Black Straight Leg Trousers ~ INC via Macy's {my favorite brand of work pants EVER!} / Black Tee ~ Uniqlo / Black Faux Leather T-Shirt ~ BCBG / Black Preforrated Pumps Dorsay Pumps ~ urbanOG / Quilted Bomber Jacket ~ Sheinside / Red Leather Fringe Handbag ~ Old from Random Boutique}
My motto for deciding what to wear on a busy Monday at work – when in doubt, wear all black!  It works every time.  I felt pulled together and comfortable in this simple outfit.  And although I prefer my flats nowadays, throwing on a pair of comfy heels is always a good idea. :)
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

Friday Lipstick Love! {04}

March 27, 2015

This week's lipstick is so fancy and I loooove it! It's another of the NYX Wicked Lippies that I can't get enough of.  Although this pretty gold shade is quite bright and bold it's definitely wearable, as confirmed by my husband who LOVES this shade on me. :)  
This gold, which is called "Mischievous", is on the lighter coverage side so I had to swipe on quite a bit to get the coverage as shown in the picture below.  The formula is amazing though and doesn't feel at all cakey.  I should note that it's a little less subtle off camera, as this was taken with the flash – but it's bright enough to make a statement.  I am wearing it on Saturday night for a fancy date night in the city and I am so excited!
What do you think of this color? Would you rock it?


Weekend Wear: Jeans + The Perfect White Tee

March 23, 2015


{Jeans ~ Old Navy Rock Star / Vintage Cotton V-neck Tee ~ J. Crew / Quilted Bomber Jacket ~ Sheinside / Rose Gold Tory Burch Flats / Handbag ~ Aldo}
Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty relaxing, even though I had to go into the office on Saturday.  Which I don't too much mind – by the time I was done in the early afternoon, I was dressed and ready to start my day. 
I rocked one of my favorite weekend outfits to wear – jeans and a white t-shirt.  And this t-shirt from J. Crew is perfection.  It's lightweight, which I love and it's also slouchy and fitted at the same time.  I just adore the effortless ease of just throwing on a t-shirt and popping a jacket over it.  Especially on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Spring is trying to peek around the corner and I am loving it.  I can't wait to ditch jackets all together and show some skin... and feel warmth.  I've almost forgotten what that feels like. LOL! :)
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

Friday Lipstick Love! {03}

March 20, 2015

Happy Friday and happy first day of Spring!  This bright pink Milani Color Statement Lipstick in the color "Hot Pink Rage" was definitely the most worn lipstick of mine last summer.  I love it so much!  It is the PERFECT bright pink with blue undertones. The quality of Milani lipsticks is really good for a drug store brand.  I love the smooth formula.  They have a very nice pigment and one swipe is really all you need for full coverage.  I also love the smell – they smell exactly like a watermelon Now and Later. LOL! This is a HOT shade for the warmer weather... I can't wait to rock it regularly this spring and summer!
What do you think of this pretty color? 



March 19, 2015

{Burgundy Ankle Pants ~ Target / Burgundy Tee ~ Old Navy / Pale Pink Blazer ~ H&M / Handbag ~ Aldo / Leopard Pumps ~ BCBG Paris}
Monochromatic looks are the easiest to wear; I absolutely love wearing the same color on top and bottom.  And I of course decided to break things up with a lighter color blazer and couldn't resist adding in a pop of leopard (but what else is new?! LOL)
I just realized that this is the first traditional blazer that I have ever purchased.  *GASP!* If you've been reading here, for a while you know I have quite the blazer collection and I am proud to say that I have thrifted every single one of them. :) Sadly, I haven't been thrifting in a really long time and this one from H&M was a must have for me.  I am obsessing over barely-there colors lately – weather it be the lightest of light nude pink or another pale color that can barely be seen.  I am all about pale shades this spring!
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

Friday Lipstick Love! {02}

March 13, 2015

This week's lipstick is another NYX favorite: Indie Flick.  This may very well be the brightest lipstick I own – it's a really vibrant coral color that I think looks so pretty on brown skin.  I love wearing this on a night out as it adds just the right amount of brightness and jazzes up even a really simple outfit.  If I want to switch things up and dress up a "day outfit" for drinks after work, just swiping this lipstick on really kicks things up a few notches. This is one of the lippies from the NYX matte line though it doesn't come off matte at all.  It has a smooth finish, and almost reminds me of MAC's creamsheen formula.  I really love NYX's matte lipsticks, the pigment is really so bright and a little goes a long way.
What do you think of this color?


Sweet, Creamy and Crunchy Coleslaw

March 12, 2015

I am so excited to share this new coleslaw recipe of mine that I am already famous for – and I only created it 4 days ago. LOL!  This has been requested to be made THREE times in the last week.  We've had it for dinner as a side dish, I have taken it for lunch to top my salads and it has just been eaten as a snack with crackers.  It's THAT good. This is seriously the most delicious, creamy, crunchy and flavorful coleslaw that I have ever eaten.  And I have had my fair share of coleslaw.  This is one of the few dishes that I've made that was this simple yet oh so flavorful.  By adding heavy whipping cream to the dressing, the coleslaw gets so insanely rich and creamy.  Not to be confused with slimy or runny – which sadly, can be said for many prepared coleslaw dishes.  But not this one!

Here is what I did!


1 bag of Coleslaw Mix {you can choose to shred your own cabbage but it is much easier to just grab a bag in the produce section!}
1 bag of Broccoli Slaw
6 Scallions {green onions}, Chopped
1 Cup Mayonnaise
1/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
3 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
1 Heaping Tablespoon Dried Oregano
1 Heaping Teaspoon Celery Seed
Salt and Freshly Cracked Black Pepper
4 Heaping Tablespoons Sugar {I actually used 5 packets of Splenda and it was perfect!}
Juice from 1 Lemon
2 Heaping Tablespoons Dried Parsley


{Add your shredded cabbage or coleslaw mix, broccoli slaw and chopped green onions to a large mixing bowl. The broccoli slaw can be an optional ingredient if you wanted to go more traditional and just use cabbage.  But it adds such a good CRUNCH so I highly recommend it!}

{In a separate small bowl, make the dressing by adding the mayonnaise, heavy cream, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, dried oregano, celery seed, sugar, salt and pepper}

{Wisk this really well to combine and to slightly whip the cream.  The heavy cream is a key ingredient in this dish. It makes the coleslaw unbelievably creamy!}

{Add your mixed dressing to the bowl of cabbage, broccoli slaw and green onions.  To that bowl, add in the juice of one lemon.}

{...and the dried parsley.}

{Mix, mix and mix to coat every piece.  Taste for seasoning and add more salt and pepper, if needed. If it seems "dry" at first, that's totally fine. The dressing will loosen a bit as this sits in the fridge.}

{Serve it up and enjoy!}
{We had this on Sunday with fried fish and roasted Brussels sprouts, which was such a fantastic dinner!  I have also been bringing it to lunch this week to top my salad.  The flavor is amazing and the longer it sits, the better it gets.  I can see me making this every single week when grilling seasons begins. Hot and spicy ribs with this sweet and creamy coleslaw? Oh, I CANNOT wait!
Let me know if you plan on trying this!
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

Friday Lipstick Love! {01}

March 6, 2015

I've been wanting to do a dedicated weekly blog post for the longest time but couldn't come up with something that would be easy for me to talk about every single week...until now.  Lipstick!
I have become quite the lipstick addict so I figured what better way to showcase my lipstick favorites than in a weekly blog post.  Welcome to Friday Lipstick Love!
The first installment goes out to this insanely gorgeous purple lippie by NYX, which happens to be one of my favorite brands of lipsticks.  I find the formula to be really good in all of the finishes.  The one that I am wearing below is a part of the NYX Wicked Lippie collection in the color "Betrayal".  I haven't seen these in the store so I purchased mine online.
I am usually not a huge fan of shimmery lipsticks, I am more a matte girl, but these are really pretty on.  I have a few of them that I will be showcasing in the coming weeks.  The color is REALLY intense and I get tons of compliments when I rock this deep purple.  I think it looks really good with my skin tone. It's a bit too intense to wear during the day, in my opinion, but this is the perfect lipstick to wear for a night out  – even with a simple outfit of jeans, a t-shirt and heels. 
What do you think of this color?

xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

Beauty Ramblings: Winter Favorites!

March 4, 2015

This winter season has been all about skin for me.  Specifically keeping my insanely dry skin {body} moisturized during these cold months.  And because I like taking reaaaalllly HOT showers and baths when it's cold, I cannot seem to slather on enough moisturizer lately.  Thankfully though, as far as my face is concerned, my skin is as normal as normal gets – never really dry or oily, which I appreciate. I was given the opportunity to try the new LOCCITANE skincare line – the Shea Butter Comforting Collection.   The minute I heard Shea butter, I was allll over it! LOL! :)
I have been LOVING these products.  I have come up with the perfect routine for the softest skin that I've felt in a really long time.  Step one is using the Shea Butter Cleansing Milk.  It obviously has Shea butter to moisturize but it also has licorice extracts to calm the skin while removing impurities. 
The cleansing milk doesn't remove my makeup completely which is why I also use the Shea Butter Ultra-Gentle Face Soap, in step two.  It has the best creamy lather and smells so good!
Step three, which is a new step for me, includes using a bit of the Shea Butter Gentle Toner {applying with a cotton ball} on my face and neck.  It removes excess dirt and makeup left behind. It also works to prep skin to absorb moisturizer more effectively. I love using this and I am hooked!  I am always shocked at how dirty the cotton ball always is even AFTER thoroughly washing my face.
Finally, I moisturize using the  Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream.  The formula has 5% Shea butter which makes it really light and it doesn't feel greasy, which is important for me.  I have been sticking to my tried and true Nivea cream in the morning but moisturizing before going to bed with something light like this feels good.
Link to purchase any of the above products here.  
I have seriously gotten the most compliments on my skin in the last month than I have since the summer – when my skin is always extra dewy and glowy.  I say a gratitude prayer often that I have good skin.  It's definitely in my genes but it is also has a lot to do with skin care. Very important!  

Now one of the benefits of having really soft skin is that my makeup application has been flawless lately.  It looks especially good when I use this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick {in Bronze}. It gives the perfect shimmer and glow, it seriously takes my make-up to the next level. The product is buildable – I apply a light shimmer during the day or apply more in my t-zone for a golden-bronzey glow for a night out.  It's so pretty!
I also love putting this NYX blush {in Cinnamon} on BEFORE brushing on the shimmer.  It creates the perfect shimmery coral color and gives me a healthy glow that I adore.  Here is a picture of both colors layered.  LOVE!

 Lastly, can we please talk about this mascara.  Thee best mascara that I have ever used.  And I know I use the word amazing a lot but this is AMAZING. LOL!  I have really short eyelashes and I swear none of the normal drug store mascaras work for me.  The brushes are always too fat and don't really grab my stumpy lashes.  But this Telescopic mascara has changed my life! I am so glad I tried it after seeing it mentioned on Instagram.
What beauty products are you loving lately?
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥