Workwear: Vintage Blue Dress

August 18, 2014


{Vintage Blue Dress ~ Thrifted / Gold Sandals ~ Betsy Johnson / Gold Tote ~ H&M}
Currently remembering that the last time I wore this pretty dress was waaaay too long ago.  And sadly, the color does not photograph well at all – it's really the most gorgeous, vibrant sky blue.  Almost everyone I encountered was sure to tell me that it's the prettiest shade of blue and looks good on me. :)  I actually questioned whether it was TOO bright to wear alone and almost popped a khaki colored blazer over it but I'm glad I decided against it. 
I even asked Isis if the color was just too much when I came downstairs to leave out for work last week.  She assured me that it wasn't, so out the door I went.  I love that we can have style conversations together.  She's developing her own sense of style and is becoming the little fashionista and that makes me very happy.
In the end, I always realize – most times it's best not to overthink things and keep them simple.  I have to remind myself of that quite often. :)
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

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