Beauty Ramblings: Spring Favorites!

April 28, 2014

I thought it was time I ramble a bit on the subject of my current beauty favorites for spring, so stay tuned, if you'd like! 

Is it me or is getting ready for work in the morning more fun when the sun is shining, the flowers are beginning to bloom and the birds are chirping?  Swiping on a bright lip seems like the natural thing to do lately and I wanted to share what bright lippies I am loving, as well as the absolute perfect nude lip.

Here are my spring beauty favorites:

{Coconut Oil.  I just recently discovered the many different uses for coconut oil and had to run out and get some from Trader Joe's.  I use it after a hot shower to moisturize my entire body, including my face, and I can feel my skin getting softer.  I have big plans on the beach this summer, including our 10th anniversary Cancun vacation, and I want to have soft and glowy skin while strutting in my bathing suit.  This coconut oil will definitely get me there!}

{Every spring, I like to try a new fragrance so I jumped at the opportunity to review these new ones from Desigual. I love perfumes that are not only light and fresh, but instantly brightens my mood after spritzing them on. These two new fragrances from Desigual smell so insanely good. "Love" is most certainly my favorite, it's more musky and romantic. It has sandalwood notes – and I realized that all of my favorite scents usually do. "Fun" is just that. A really FUN, bright, punchy fragrance that just makes sense to use now that it's warming up.  I have also mixed the two together, creating this wonderful medley of fruit and florals!} 

{This NYX matte lipstick is SO good.  The formula is nice and smooth and it's really pigmented, which makes it last a really long time.  Bright pink lips are probably my favorite to wear and this one is just the shade I love to rock. This one is called "Sweet Pink". Wearing it in the pic below.}

{ Ok, speaking of pink, I think deep pinky / deep plum tones also look good on me. This Sephora Luster Matte is a new item and let me tell you. I want every single color. The formula is thicker than a gloss and looks like a lipstick but it is so light and feels so good on the lips. It isn't drying like some mattes are and the color is insanely pigmented. This tube will probably last me a really long time. This one is called "Mulberry Luster". Wearing it in the pic below. }

{Let's talk nude lips, shall we? I am all about pretty, simple nude lips. Barely there, but with the perfect amount of pink to show up and show out. This lipstick + lipgloss combination from Sephora will change the game for you if you are a fan of nude lips. And each on their own is equally as fantastic. These will be in my lippie rotation for ever and ever! The lipstick is called "Ingenuous" and the lipgloss is "Perfect Nude, number 20} 

Here is the lipstick on it's own:

And with the gloss on top:

Perfection, I tell you. :)

What are some of your favorite spring beauty products? 

Xoxo, thanks got reading! 

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