Lady in Red

August 22, 2013

{Red Silk Top ~ Nexx via Nordstrom Rack / Gray Pants ~ Target / Black Metallic Flats ~ BCBG / Gold Chains ~ Thrifted / Gold Men's Watch ~ Invicta}
This top is pretty short and could easily be worn as a cropped top.  This thought crossed my mind as I was trying to decide what to wear to work and admittedly, I giggled to myself.  Although cropped tops are all the rage right now, and call me a prude but I cannot see myself exposing midriff skin. ...unless it's in the bedroom with my husband, or on the beach. 
I am also thirty four years old and am at a stage in life where rocking a crop top, no matter how much skin is being exposed, would feel silly.  Plus - I am somebody's mother. Lol!  My 10 year old daughter would for sure look at me and confusingly ask, "mom, why are you wearing that shirt and why is your stomach showing!?!"  And I would be proud that she doesn't think it's normal for me.  To each her own, but I will stick to what I know and love and crop tops do not work for my lifestyle. And that's ok.  I'll leave them to all the other ladies I've seen tastefully rocking them! :)
I hope you are having a great week!
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

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