Beauty Ramblings: The Perfect Vanity

April 15, 2013

For the longest time, I had been looking for the perfect vanity.  A traditional vanity.  One that had the mirror attached and was large enough to fit my crap and had ample drawers / storage space.  Well that perfect vanity never presented itself.  The traditional ones that I found were always so small and Victorian.  Not my style.  Cory and  I went to Ikea and found ourselves in the home office section realizing that the perfect vanity was actually a desk with a nice wide drawer and cubby holes on the side.  I saw this and fell in love!

It's the perfect size for our bedroom and my things actually look pretty on display and all arranged and in place.  :)  I added a bench and a simple square mirror hanging right above it ends up working just fine.  Done!

{I found these acrylic storage containers at The Container Store.  The tiered nail polish rack was in the kitchen section. ...for spices. :)}

(I just added Marc Jacobs' "Lola" to my small collection of perfume.  It smells like spring in a bottle. Adore!}

{It felt good to clean out and throw away the things that were old and would never get used.  I gave the polishes that did not make the cut to Isis; she was so excited.  Picking a color for my manicure is so much more fun now.}

{I love that everything has a place.  Especially these blush / powder compacts that were always just thrown into a make-up bag.}

{The lipstick compartments are my fave.  I was always digging in the bottom of 3 different bags looking for a shade of lipstick when I needed it.}

{These little cubby holes were an added bonus.}

{A nice long and deep drawer was a must for my vanity.  And this one is HUGE.  I have to get a few more of these drawer organizers.}

{The only left to do is get a small spotlight lamp for additional lighting.  I am pretty smitten with my new area.  It helps that I can see everything that I have which prevents me from spending unnecessarily on make-up.  Seriously, how many pink lipsticks does one really need? Lol!}

{Desk ~ "Micke" from IKEA / Stool ~ "Ingolf" from IKEA / Acrylic Containers ~ The Container Store}

Do you have a vanity area?  How do you stay organized?

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