Teal + Mustard

March 5, 2013


{Mustard Ponte Pants ~ Spiegel / Teal Silk Tunic ~ Thrifted / Bleached Denim Tuxedo Jacket ~ Rock & Replublic / Black Leather Wedge Pumps ~ Steve Madden / Jumbo Coral Gem Earrings ~ ASOS}
This outfit was so randomly put together and isn't the most appropriate for the office but on a tired Monday morning, I had to make it work. Lol!  I am getting bored with my closet lately, which is pretty dangerous as the urge to go overboard with buying new things will start to get stronger.  I need to spend a few hours reorganizing my closet, remembering and appreciating what I have and putting winter items away.  A thrifting trip is also in order.  Hopefully this weekend. :)
What do you do when you get bored with your closet? Besides go on a shopping spree?
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥


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