A Great Weekend

February 11, 2013

I spent this past weekend with two amazing, real, funny, smart and beautiful women. My friend Carletta, whom I met through blogging and her friend {now my friend} Julie came to Philly to visit with Julie's aunt {who happens to live 10 minutes from me!!} and we were able to go out for drinks / lunch / shopping on Saturday and a leisurely breakfast / visit at my house on Sunday. It seriously felt like we have known each other our entire lives; I am so thankful to have met these two. We laughed and shared and ate and drank and ate and laughed some more. It was such a great weekend... and Isis wants to know, "when are they coming back?!" Lol!

I can't wait until our next visit! :)

{Zip Leggings ~ H&M / Jersey Top with Dip Back ~ ASOS Curve / Denim Military Jacket ~ Kensie / Faux Fur Stole ~ Nordstrom Rack /  Black Leather Dallas Fringe Boots ~ 5/48 via Saks / Pink Just Fab "Magnate" Handbag}

This top is seriously the best ever ever!  I am so happy I got it in a few colors, it's the perfect thing to rock on the weekend when you want to be comfy but fab. It does not wrinkle and has the best movement.  I LOVE it!

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