Dijon & Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon Steaks

January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am starting this year with a new recipe blog post and hopefully this is a sign of what's to come in 2013... more blogging! :)

A couple of months ago, salmon steaks were on sale at our grocery store and although I had never made them before {I always go for the salmon fillet} I decided to get them and see how it worked out.  Since then, we have been hooked!  Salmon steaks are cut perpendicular to the spine and have bones but those bones make the fish so flavorful, in my opinion. The steak seems to be richer; I haven't made a fillet since trying them.

I always enjoy a bit of sweetness when it comes to glazing baked salmon and this Dijon and brown sugar glaze is just perfect for this rich fish.


Salmon Steaks {you can use fillets but of course I recommend the steaks}
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons chicken broth
4 tablespoons butter
3 green onions, chopped
Salt + pepper to taste

This is a very simple and flavorful dish.  I hope you will give this one a try!

{Here are the beautiful salmon steaks ready to be prepared. For even cooking, it's best to have the fish sitting and resting at room temperature.  Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.}

{Arrange your salmon steaks in a shallow baking dish and drizzle with olive oil.}

{Rub in the oil and season well with salt and pepper.  Bake in a preheated oven for 12 minutes.}

{While the steaks are baking, gather the glaze ingredients.}

{In a small saucepan, melt 2 tablespoons of butter over medium-low heat. Once melted, add the brown sugar and whisk to combine.}

{Whisk in the Dijon mustard until it's completely incorporated and smooth.}

 {Once it comes to a small bubble, add in the chicken broth.}

{Season with salt and fresh cracked pepper.}

{Slice your green onions and add them to the bubbling glaze.}

{Mix them in and let this simmer over low heat for a minute or two,}

{Add 2 tablespoons of butter and stir.}

{Let this thicken over low heat for a few minutes while your salmon continue to cook.}

{After about 12 minutes, it's time to glaze your salmon steaks.  At this point, they will not be completely cooked through but they will go under the broiler for a few more minutes after glazing and will continue to cook.}

{The glaze will have thickened a bit.  Use a brush to evenly coat the steaks.}

 {Brush on the glaze and return the pan to the oven - this time on "broil".}

{Repeat this {brush and return to the broiler} about 3 times to layer the flavors.  Each time, let the steaks broil for about 2-3 minutes.  Watch this carefully {I leave the oven door open!} and be sure not to burn these delicious steaks.}

{Here are the finished steaks.  Perfectly moist and delicious.  I love how the green onions get nice and caramelized under the broiler.}

This can be served with brown rice and veggies for an easy delicious and healthy meal.  Or have it on top of some pasta with a quick and easy cream sauce.  Yum!

I am participating in the Salad Jam Challenge via Nicole's blog - Hair Health Harmony so I had my salmon steak on top of a bed of fresh spinach with green and red pepper, red onion, boiled egg, sliced carrots and honey balsamic vinaigrette. It was AMAZING!

xoxo, thanks for reading!  ♥

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