{In LOVE!} Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color

August 23, 2012

I am currently OBSESSED with these amazing Wet N Wild MegaLast lipsticks.  I know these have been reviewed and raved about via many beauty blogs / YouTube channels but I thought I'd add my 2 cents here. :) 
I love that they live up to their name and last a pretty long time.  After about 6 hours, the color was still in place {think lip stain} and my lips were still soft {I hate how some long-wearing lipsticks can be drying}.  The color is pretty matte, which I love and they are pigmented quite nicely {a few swipes and your are done!}
I adore every shade in my growing collection and would wear any of them for any occasion. Ravin' Raisin and Wine Room are my absolute faves! :)
{965 ~ Cherry Picking}
{916D ~ Ravin' Raisin}
{966 ~ Don't Blink Pink}
{906D ~ Wine Room}
{908C ~ Plum Fairy}
{905D ~ Smokin' Pink}
{919B ~ Vamp It Up}
The best part about these: they are $1.99 each! Can't beat it!
Have you tried these? What's your favorite color?
xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥


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