Broomstick Skirt

August 6, 2012

{Black Broomstick Skirt ~ Forever 21+ / Random Black Tank / Black and White Dotted Chiffon Blouse ~ Thrifted / Black Leather Handbag ~ Cole Haan / Coral Sandals ~ Urban OG}

Again with the millions of outfit pics but these all came out so good, hehehe!  I got a new camera and I am in LOVE with it and this lens.  This was mainly a test shoot at my new favorite picture location {got the most amazing shots of the kiddies too!} and this outfit was just a typical Monday throw-together.  My Monday mornings aren't pretty so I keep it simple and keep it moving.  :)

This poor broomstick skirt is getting so worn down, it snags more each time I wear it, but I just adore it.  No matter what I seem to throw on with it, I end up more in love. 

I am still on the fence and can't decide if maxi skirts are appropriate for the office but today was a day that I just did not care. Lol! Do you wear maxis to the office?  I was kinda cringing as I was walking around at work and my skirt was sweeping the floor.  I almost feel like maxis belong on vacation and worn only on the weekends... and not at work.  But I honestly can't decide either way.

What do you think? Do maxi skirts/dresses belong in the office?

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