April 7, 2012

Neon Pop!

{Skinny Jeans ~ Torrid / Black Tee ~ Men's GAP / Neon Pink and Black Sandals ~ Asos {last year} / Black Zipper Blazer ~ Thrifted / Neon Pink and Black Leopard Bag ~ Mulberry for Target / Sunglasses ~ Urban Outfitters}

I had an unexpected lapse in posting last week - my laptop battery died.  I have 2 recipes and another outfit from last week to share, but wanted to post what I rocked today first. :) I pulled the bin of spring and summer shoes out from storage in the garage and it feels like I have been reunited with long lost friends.  There were some forgotten faves in there that made me so happy that I am finally able to give my toes some air, LOL!

I thought these sandals were absolutely fitting to wear since neon is all the rage for this spring.  And although this bag was a little too matchy than how I normally like to accessorize, it just went perfectly with the shoes.  I couldn't resist.  :)

Everytime I think about matching - I think of my mom who LIVES by the rule that you must match your shoes with your handbag, no matter how many times I tell her otherwise. LOL! What do you think? Must your handbag and shoes match?

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! xoxo, thanks for reading! ♥

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