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February 29, 2012


The cutest lip printed flats, that I may have just ordered. :)


February 28, 2012

{Geometric Printed Wrap Dress ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Suede Booties ~ Steve Madden / Faux Leather Jacket ~ DOTS {last year} / Ivory Stretch Belt ~ Thrifted / Black Tights ~ HUE}

This thrifted wrap dress is actually really cool - there is a tiny slit/opening on the side of the waist that the wrap ties go through; it is a true wrap dress. I also wore this on the weekend with leggings and a white tank - with the dress open and ties pulled and knotted in the back, sorta like an open jacket.  It was cute.

I feel like I have been rocking a lot of thrifted items lately and I almost can't help it.  I hate to shop retail now because I sometimes feel like I see the same things in every store and on every body. I am not easily impressed and would rather wear a one-of-a-kind thrifted piece.  And although the dry-cleaning bill makes up for the cost of what I would spend, say at the mall, it's worth it for me to stand out and do my own thing. 

Speaking of standing out, I got a chance to have brunch with my fellow Philly Style Blogger and the adorable Fajr from Stylish Thought on Sunday.  I also got a peek into her closet - she has the most amazing vintage GEMS ever! Her collection reminded me that I am so much more drawn to unexpected frocks, which may not include "the next hot thing".

I have been stocking up on the basics for spring though.  I am searching for the perfect pair of hot pink skinny jeans now. :)

What's on your must-get list for spring?

Mish Mash

February 23, 2012


{Ink Blue Ankle Length Trousers ~ Jones New York / Teal Silk Tunic ~ Thrifted / Black and White Chevron Blazer ~ Thrifted / Black Patent Belt ~ Thrifted / Black Leather Wedge Pumps ~ Steve Madden, via Nordstrom Rack / Black Leather Handbag ~ Daisy Boutique}

This was such a mish mash of an outfit today, lol - I was running late and quickly grabbed random items in my closet and put them together. Done!  And you know what, ensembles like these are always my favorite! No rhyme or reason of what goes with what, it just is. Simple. :)

Cory quickly snapped these pictures of what I rocked today after I came in from a great Philly Style Bloggers round table event. It was great being around a diverse group of bloggers, all from PHILLY, having an open discussion, much ado about blogging.

I am looking forward to sharing more, in conjunction with the official Philly Style Bloggers' blog, of what makes Philly unique... so stay tuned!

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Little Black Dress

February 20, 2012

{Black Dress ~ Thrifted / Black Tights ~ HUE / Snakeskin Print Leather Pumps ~ Isaac Mizrahi for Target / Black Clutch ~ Vintage.Thrited / Polka-dot Bangles ~ Forever 21/ Gold Necklace ~ Thrifted}

Wow, it feels like I haven't posted in forever, I guess you can say I was on a mini blogging break. :)

I was so excited to wear this sexy and perfectly fitting black dress on Saturday to a 40th birthday party / date night with Cory.  I am so glad I try EVERYTHING on.  Who knew that this size small and seemingly boring + plain on the hanger dress would be this sexy little number?  I can't wait to rock it again and accessorize in an entirely different way.

Regular outfit and beauty posting to resume soon.  I have so many cute ensembles on tap for warmer weather.  I need spring to HURRY UP! :)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

I'm Your Baby Tonight!

February 13, 2012

{Red Yoga Pants ~ Sports Savvy / Denim Shirt ~ Newport News / Ivory Coat ~ Vintage.Thrifted / Brown Suede Boots ~ Nine West}

I can't believe it's already Monday, where do the weekends go?! How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty love-filled and eventful - I had fun celebrating with Cory for his birthday, which was on Sunday.  He doesn't like to make a big deal, so we kept it low key.  I wore this casual ensemb on Saturday night to dinner, a few virgin Pina Coladas and a movie. I was nice and cozy. :)

We came out of the movies to the news of Whitney Houston passing - what a tragedy.  :(

Needless to say, I felt it quite necessary to blast Whitney jams on Sunday while making a huge birthday breakfast of cinnamon raisin French toast, bacon, sausage, cheese eggs and cheese grits. I even had Isis singing - even though she barely knew the words.  My girl has a natural musical talent - she pics up on melodies and lyrics so fast, it's crazy! I may have a future performer on my hands. :)

P.S. - Congrats to KPPNME and Steffy for winning the Chobani giveaway - I will be in touch soon! :)

For the kids {or the kid in YOU} - Chobani Champions Giveaway!

February 9, 2012

It is no secret that I utterly adore the pineapple Chobani Greek yogurt, so when  I received the cutest package from them last week, which included the 2 new Chobani Champions flavors, orange vanilla and vanilla chocolate chunk -  I was super excited!

And although Chobani Champions is the first Greek yogurt made for kids, Cory and I had fun trying them out too.  The orange vanilla is my fave. :) 

I of course had to fancy them up for us to enjoy - adding fresh pineapple pieces to the orange vanilla and a few of my candied pecans to the vanilla chocolate chunk. 'Twas wonderful! 

Chobani wants to send 2 BeautyFash readers a case that would include both of the new flavors to try!  All you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address to be entered.

That's it!  I will pick 2 winners on Sunday morning {Cory's birthday, YAY} at 10:00am EST, probably after I am done making a HUGE birthday breakfast for him. :)

P.S. - head on over to "like" their Facebook page.

Harvest Salad with Grilled Chicken and Candied Pecans

February 8, 2012

If you are like me, you've seen or had this salad many times for lunch at your favorite casual dining spot.  I decided to try my hand at making this sweet and savory salad at home this past Saturday.  It was quite the success.  Here's what I did and what you will need to do to enjoy this delicious salad :):

{In a 350 degree pre-heated oven, quickly toast some pecan halves in a skillet for about 5-8 minutes, or until you can smell toasty nuts, being careful not to burn them.}

{Begin to make your candy-glaze.  For every 2 cups of nuts, add to a bowl: 4-5 tablespoons of light corn syrup.}

{Next, add 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of salt.}

{Whisk until combined.}

{Dump in your toasted pecans and mix to evenly coat them with the glaze.}

{Pour the glazed nuts onto a greased, oven safe dish and bake in an even layer at 350 for 10 minutes.}

{Season a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts for the grill.  Any spices would do for this - I used paprika, seasoned salt, chili powder, garlic and onion.}

{Heat the grill pan and get it HOT.  Sound familiar? :)}
{Thinly slice half of a red onion and a Granny Smith apple.  You want reeealllly thin slices.}

{Begin to grill your chicken.}

{After 10 minutes, remove your pecans from the oven.  Immediately separate with a fork and allow them to cool.}

At this point, I decided to slice and toast a French baguette to have with the salads.  With butter, of course.}

{When your chicken is perfectly cooked, remove from the grill, thinly slice and set aside.}

{The buttery and toasty bread. YUM!}

{I decided to mix blue cheese and Italian dressing for a thin-but-creamy blend.  I would have loved to add blue cheese crumbles to this too, but didn't have any on hand.  Maybe next time. :)}

{To the bottom of a large mixing bowl, add your dressing.}

{Whip / blend until combined.}

{I used a spring mix for the greens.  Spinach would be great, too!}

{Add your greens to the bowl with the dressing.}

{Add your apple slices and red onion.}

{Mix with tongs to evenly coat the greens with dressing.}

{Add a pile of greens/onions/apples to a large plate.  Top with the cooled and candied pecans.}

{Top with your sliced chicken breast, a sprinkle of dried cranberries and ENJOY}

xoxo, thanks for reading!