{Flashback!} Friday

December 2, 2011

I have such great memories of summer days spent with my little cousin, Kerry.  He was so funny and sweet; we would send him on little errands for us {to get candy or water ice, on his bike} and he would always complain, but the rule {created by my older sister, older cousin and I} was: since we were older, he had to listen to us. LOL!

I remember watching scary movies on the couch - all of the cousins piled up under blankets... with the surround speakers blasting and the lights out... it felt like we were in a theater. 

I remember him being so happy about getting a new dog {that we were scared of!} and taking care of it as if it were a baby. 

I remember literally watching him grow up and become a handsome teenager, being so very PROUD that he was my cousin.

I am forever thankful that I was able to spend summers over my uncle's with Kerry {and my other cousins}... those were the best years of my life.  The good ole' days.

Although we got older, our lives changed and we didn't see each other as often, my little cousin had a special place in my heart. My first cousin.  The baby boy.  Just 28 years old.  I will miss him. 

My memories are forever mine. Rest in peace. ♥