{Flashback!} Friday

November 18, 2011

{Toddler Lexy, roughly 2 years old and Tifini, roughly 4 years old}

When I was younger, I would be so mad that my beads didn't make noise when I shook my head, since my hair was not as long as my sister's. LOL!

My sister Tifini and I have always been close.  I feel so blessed to have an older sister who lives close enough to have dinner dates with, whenever we want to.  Fortunately, we work a block away in the city so we can also have lunch dates if we are both available.

We talk on the phone everyday, sometimes for hours.  I tell her everything and she is {more often than not} my voice of reason.  Our kids are really close and weekends / birthdays are often spent doing something together as a family. 

We also have a younger sister who is so cute and funny and she just happens to be the mother of our adorable 16 month old nephew, Cameron, hehe!

I am the middle girl of 3 and I could not be luckier. :)

Have a great weekend!

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