Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

November 22, 2011

Chocolate dipped pretzels, does a better combination exist? Salty + sweet is the way to snack in my book.  These little favors are such a cute and easy idea for baby or bridal showers, birthday parties - any festive occasion, really.  And I think edible favors are the only way to go.  :)

These could also be made for the holidays as a little takeaway for your guests. 

{I start with a huge heat-proof bowl that can sit atop a pot of simmering water to melt the Candy Melts.  They can be found at the craft store and come in many different colors.  I used white for these.}

{Over the simmering water, let them melt down in the bowl until they are smooth.}

{These favors call for 2 pretzel rods per person.}

{Be sure to have fun and colorful sprinkles to add.}

{Mini chocolate chips are fun to use too.  They are so adorable, LOL!}

{Continue to stir the Candy Melts until they are completely melted and smooth.}

{I also melted some milk chocolate.}

{Using the same "double boiler" method. }

{It doesn't take long and be sure to keep the flame on low.}

{Start your dipping into the Candy Melts and shake off the access.  You want a nice thin layer.}

{Adorn with sprinkles as you see fit.  The colorful, the better! Let them rest on a cool surface to harden.  I normally use wax paper, but was out - foil worked just fine.}

{The line-up.}

{The melted chocolate can be used as well.  ...To dip...}

{...or to drizzle over the white candy coated ones {using a fork}.}

{So cute! I was sure to sprinkle in purple on this batch, since that was the theme of the baby shower I was helping to plan.}

{These double chocolate ones were a good idea as well.  I just can't get over how cute those tiny chocolate chips are.}

{These were {of course} Isis's favorite.  They are awfully cute, I have to say.  Perfect for any occasion.}

{I even made a few with pecans on them; since they are Cory's favorite.  Any other nut would work well too.}

 {The craft store actually has "pretzel bags", that perfectly  fit 2 dipped pretzels.  I created some labels, tied them with ribbon and was done. SO EASY!}
xoxo, thanks for reading!

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