June 8, 2011

ONE dress, ONE week!

With summer being right around the corner and in an effort to be more creative with styling and choosing outfits, I am challenging myself to wear the same dress every day for a week.

Yep… ONE dress, ONE week.

I think it will be so much fun coming up with different ways to rock the same dress, but in a fresh way each day. Don't you think? Besides, who wants to FEEL like they are wearing the same thing for 7 days? Not me!  My goal is to turn up the volume in the creativity department. Belts, blazers {of course}, baubles, flats, heels…and beyond! I am so EXCITED!

Here are details:

xoxo, thanks for reading and stay tuned!


  1. It sounds like fun, hmmm! I'm still thinking. This may be tricky with work and all!!!! great idea!!!

  2. GREAT IDEA! I think I might give it a try! :) Can't wait to see!

  3. Great idea! Cant wait to see what people come up with..


  4. I know that you'll come up with something amazing! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    I would so do the challenge if I didn't have an interview.

    Best of Luck!

  5. Hmm, This just might get me to start my blog as I love dresses!!

  6. Cool concept. I'm almost tempted to do this challenge. Just gotta think of the right dress.

  7. I can't commit to a 30 day challenge but I can do 5 days for sure! I think I already know what dress I am going to use, maybe...lol. Great idea can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  8. love this idea! mmmm...i'll ponder on this. lol. looking forward to seeing the results!


  9. Sounds like it will be a very challenging week for some. I can't wait to see the creativity you guys come up with...Good Luck


  10. Oh awesome! I think I may join you on this challenge, and I just purchased the perfect dress for such! ;)

  11. such a cute challenge! i'm excited


  12. I can't wait to see how you do this. I know its going to be fun and creative!

  13. I will rave about this idea YET AGAIN!! I'm a little nervous about dong this but I am up for it! I'm on the hunt this weekend for the perfect piece to do this with and will post my OOTDs on my YouTube channel. SO EXCITED! =D xoxo, Rita

  14. What a cool and interesting idea, can't wait to see how this turns out and to get my creative juices flowing.

    Good Luck even though I know you don't need it.

  15. WOW thats's deep! LOL I gotta just process this......one dress one week! that is definitely gonna take me out my comfort zone! Am I up for it? heck yesss I love a challenge! NEVER EVER done this before! great challenge....

  16. Hey Lexy!!! I think I'm going to go ahead and do this one :-)

    Great opportunity to think outta the box and challenge my inner fashionista! I'm down!!


  17. I'm in!! I have the perfect skirt that I thrifted last week!

  18. this will def be interesting. u cant choose to bum it out and wear the dress alone more than once.

  19. this sounds like so much funn ! ugh, i can't wait to see what looks you come up with.
    goodluckk !!

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  21. What a cool challenge! I am doing a dresses-and-skirts challenge myself this month. All month long, no pants.

    So maybe I'll pick my favorite from the month and do your challenge the first week of July!

    Meanwhile, if any of the people doing your challenge want to link up to mine, I have a linky thing every Wednesday this month where anyone can link to a blog post or dress or skirt pic.

    Have fun with your challenge!

    I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

    Dressing My Truth


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