A Colorful Summer {the mini series}

June 28, 2011

Since starting BeautyFash the blog and having a reason to showcase my style, I am realizing how easily bored I am with putting outfits together. I love being motivated to wear a certain item or type of item. So much FUN!

I also realized this weekend that I may or may not be a fashion hoarder. LOL! I can’t believe how much I have added to my closet since doing the HUGE task of color-coded organizing in February. In my defense, a lot of the new additions are things that I have thrifted, costing very little but are amazing all the same. And I want to showcase them for the world to see. Ok, maybe not the entire world, but the small world of BeautyFash readers. :) 

Because I have been wanting to do another mini-series for a while now, often remembering how much fun I had with the Beauty and the Blazer and The Belted Beauty, I have a fresh mini-series all lined up to start on July 1st {is it really almost July 1st? Where are these weeks going?} and run through the entire month.  And since I LOVE rocking color, I now have a the perfect reason to:

Each day of the work week will have a color theme. I may not be able to photograph each day {taking outfit shots of the ONE dress, ONE week style challenge every single day was, well... a challenge}, but I will be sticking to the color theme every day. So excited! :) 

We are going on our family vacation to Disney the week of the 17th so I will be taking that week off. 

...and who knows, I may run with this all the way through August.  But maybe not.  Again: so easily bored, LOL!  We'll see.

xoxo, thanks for reading and stay tuned! :)


  1. I think this is a great idea. If I had enough colors I'd do it too, but my closet is filled with the same stuff over and over!

  2. I love that, I would like to try it, I can do a week but not every week...I to don't have that many colors.


  3. you have the most creative and fresh ideas! I can't wait to see how you do this, the blazer mini-series made me fall in love with this blog. :-)

  4. I just started looking at your site. Let me tell you what your site have done for me...Lifted my spirits and restored my faith in myself. Iam so addicted to your site! I cannot put my computer down, its like I want more and more.
    You have literally changed my way of thinking and have inspired me to embrace myself and appreciate me. Before I started looking at your blog; I was feeling down and depressed about my weight gain and not being able to find anything to wear. Maybe finding something to wear but not knowing how to put the clothing togather.
    Like yourself I have a very supportive and loving husband that always tell me Im sexy or you look beautiful, but I myself was not feeling it....until I came across your blog.
    I think that you are beautiful, your hair is always gorgeous and flawless. Your skin is blemish free which is a blessing! You have a glow about you and a beautiful smile.The way you pose for your pictures you should be a runway model or something. I think that you are a star waiting to be born. I can go on and on but whatever you do with your blog I will be waiting and watching. I have called friends and family and suggested your blog.(waiting for feedback).You have a gift and thank you for sharing it everybody, please don't ever stop!

  5. Cute idea i may try ... i gotta look at my closet....

  6. FINALLY!!! I've been begging for a new mini-series you have the most unique ideas!! Fave blog ever! Cannot wait to see what you come up with...

  7. Love the idea. Can't wait to see the outcome.


  8. Love this idea! It's so you. Cant wait to see what you come up with!

  9. i love this idea! can't wait to see the outcome :-)


  10. Yes, please, you know I'm a sucka for a pop of color.

  11. amazing idea!!!! Can't wait to see how you rock this out. ;)


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