Tangerine Toes

February 27, 2011

Jeggings ~ ASOS / White Stretch V-Neck T-Shirt ~ Merona via Target / Navy Linen Silk Blazer ~ Thrifted / Orange Suede Heels ~ Seychelles / Leopard Infinity Scarf ~ DIY, was a dress / Wooden Bracelets and Earrings ~ Street Vendor}

I just love pairing navy with bright colors and orange is the PERFECT compliment.  These tangerine orange heels are so comfy and cute! 

As much as I despise the term, "a pop of color", it pretty much sums up what comes to mind when I see these on.  I based my outfit on Saturday night around these bright beauties - they were so fun to wear out for drinks and girl talk.

I decided to play up the color splash and add these amazing pieces of jewelry that I purchased a few weeks ago.  The wooden bangles make a loud "clanking" noise with every arm movement and I LOVE it! ;)

xoxo, thanks for reading!


February 18, 2011

{Flare Jeans ~ {"Yacht Trouser" via Torrid} / Ivory T-Shirt ~ NY & Company / Printed Cardigan ~ Ann Taylor / Suede Booties ~ Steve Madden / Leather Handbag ~ Rachel Zoe / Beaded Crystal Bracelets ~ Tai}

I knew I wanted these flare jeans the minute I saw them on Torrid's website.  And not only because flare jeans are all the rage right now.  I knew I would love the fit and length.  They are perfect! And like all the other jeans I get from Torrid, the amount of stretch is just right.  Not too spandex'y or stiff.

Speaking of jeans, my jeans are fitting a bit differently these days.  Since attending 1-hour Zumba classes twice a week for the past month or so, and cutting back on {far too much} sugar/junk {well we all have, really - hubby has been a health-nut lately}, I managed to lose a few pounds.  And I feel amazingly energized and healthy. :)

I normally wear a 16 and these are a 14.

Although I have always embraced my body at any size, weight, shape, etc., this reduction in pants size is a welcomed change.  I am NOT, however, welcoming the idea of having to buy new clothes.  Nope, not after cleaning / organizing my closet and making the unofficial decision to STOP shopping for a while.  Womp.

Oh and one more thing about these jeans, I just LOVE how they cover my entire shoe.

Have you or will you be trying flare jeans?

xoxo, thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend! :)

Scout Green Stems

February 16, 2011

{Graphic Print Dress ~ Dorothy Perkins / Black Blazer ~ Newport News / Scout Green Tights ~ Courtesy of We Love Colors / Patent Leather Pumps ~ Nine West / Suede Fringe Handbag ~ JJ Cole / Watch ~ D&G / Vintage Wooden Earrings}

Seriously, how adorable are these bright green tights?  Are you brave enough to wear BOLD BRIGHT tights? 

Admittedly, I did get a few stares with these babies on.  And that's a good thing, in my book. :)

Apparently, unseasonably warm weather is upon us here in Philly and I couldn't be happier.  I can just feel my spirit and mood improving as the sun shines down on me.  Oh, the warmth!

AND... did you notice? I cut bangs! They are still "growing on me", but I am starting to LOVE them.  I was in need of a change, and bangs were an easy way to go.  {snip/snip!}

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Cobalt LOVE

February 15, 2011

I had a LOVE-filled weekend and Valentine's day, but {unfortunately for the blog} didn't take many pics.

{lol, how cute is hubby in that pic on our wedding day?}

I wore this fabulous thrifted cobalt blue blazer to dinner for my hubby's birthday on Saturday; it's definitely a new fave, you will be seeing more of this beauty here on the blog for sure! 

I also finally rocked my sequins leggings {on sale now for $19!!!}.  They are so amazing - I got tons of compliments. I am seeing these with a denim jacket, oversized white tee and my red suede wedges... YESS! ;)
Also LOVING this lipcolor - MAC's "Red Full Stop".  It's more of a peachy-pink in person, but looks more pink in these photos.

I hope everyone had a fun LOVE day!

xoxo, thanks for reading!

My Love

February 12, 2011

Happy 38th birthday to the best husband, father and best friend that anyone could ever wish for. 
I love you Cory.

Feminine Touch

February 10, 2011

{Skirt ~ Thrifted, no tag - and is actually a longer tea length.  I hiked it up today / Black T-Shirt ~ GAP / Houndstooth Cardi ~ DKNYC {last seen here} / Tights ~ HUE / Suede Boots ~ ASOS / Watch ~ Seiko {men's} / Faux Fur Coat ~ Gallery}

Pairing these tough-ish western style boots with this feminine skirt was sort of an odd choice, but I like it! This skirt is more of a "special occasion" item, whatever that means, but I decided to wear it today.  Yes, to work. And I felt pretty all day. 

Making a decision like that one was one of my resolutions.  To stop saving items for "special occasions" and live in the style moment.  If I feel like wearing something, I will.  It's that simple. ;)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Red Punch

February 8, 2011

{Black Pants ~ INC International Concepts via Macy's / Top ~ ASOS / Oxfords ~ Isaac Mizrahi for Target / Watch ~ Seiko {men's} / Crystal Earrings ~ Bebe / Red Lipstick ~ "Regal Red" by Chanel}

A basic outfit, punched up with this perfect red lipstick.

I've been using sponge rollers in my hair lately and I LOVE the body that they give.  The curls are always tighter in the morning, but eventually fall into loose waves by the time I get home from work {when these pictures were taken}.

I just adore this red lip color.  Blue-reds work best for my skin tone.

I think every girl should own a tube of bright red lipstick. :)

If you wear red, what is your favorite brand/shade?

xoxo, thanks for reading!

Organizing My Closet

February 6, 2011

I woke up this morning with the brilliant idea to organize my closet.  For the past few weeks, grabbing pieces to wear has been extremely challenging.  I had things all over the place; folded, balled up, 2 items on one hanger.  It was a MESS. 

I have always wanted to arrange my clothes by color, imagining  how easy putting together outfits would be if I could go to the section of color and grab exactly what I needed. 

And just like I had also imagined, grouping colors together was so much fun!

Of course, my Isis was eager to help.  And what a perfect little helper she was.  LOVE her.

To no surprise, we needed tunes to get through this HUGE task.  iPOD on shuffle via the speaker tower.  Closet organizing {slash} dance party. YES!

I started with my blazers/jackets.  They now all have a home: back bar, right side.

Then the tops.  Black and black/white prints were first.

Next up, blues.

The greens followed.

Hello yellow.

Ivories and whites were next.

I finished this one side with grays.

{Side one: DONE!}

Side two.  This time I started with the pants.  Having been folded before and stacked in a pile on the top shelf, it was time for hangers.  The piles would ALWAYS fall. 

Time for more tops.  To start this second side, browns, reds, and burgundy.

Peaches and oranges followed.  No, not the fruit. My long lost, mostly forgotten tops. ;)

Pinks were next.  I was quite shocked at how much pink I own.

Then, it was time for purple.

Last up for the tops?  Animal print, of course.

I have more room on this side, for sure.  Probably just the amount of space needed to put last week's laundry away.

{Side two: DONE!}

Dresses and skirts were put together, naturally.

Now on to the shoes.  I would love to have shelves for my shoes, but I just don't have the space.  My solution: the floor on both sides of my closet.  I had to put one pair on top of another along the back row on both sides; I ran out of space.  I also remembered: there are summer/spring shoes in the garage waiting to make their reappearance for warmer weather. Can't wait!

Side one.

Side two.

{newest member in the shoe line-up?  Those fabulous red suede wedges. *sigh*}

Oh, and belts are still hanging in the middle. 

Finally {whew!}, handbags.  Because I actually hung my pants/jeans on hangers, I had tons of shelf space on both sides.  My bags and clutches are happy!


More handbags and clutches.

This project took 6 hours and 80 new hangers. And it was totally worth it.  I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Can't wait to pick my outfit out tomorrow morning. :)

xoxo, thanks for reading!