January 25, 2011

Lust List / Volume 1.

1. ~ Pink Tier with Rosette Trim Top, via Torrid {$38.00}

2. ~ Ikat Print Maxi Dress, via Forever 21 Plus {$29.80}

3. ~ Lace Pannel Cardigan, via Forever 21 Plus {$19.80}

4. ~ Electric Zipper Tank, via Forever 21 Plus {$15.80}

5. ~ Lafayette 148 New York Silk Anorak, via Bloomingdales {$317.52}

6. ~ Waterfall Sleeve Waisted Top, via ASOS Curve {$43.10}

7. ~ Rose Bunch Flute Sleeve Dress, via ASOS Curve {$77.58}

♥ 8. ~ Chino Pants, via ASOS Curve {$51.72}

♥ 9. ~ Pleated Waist Seam Knitted Dress, via ASOS Curve {$60.34}

♥ 10. ~ GoMax Ashland 13 Grey Pastel Patent Pumps, via LuLu's {$31.00}

♥ 12. ~ PARTY ON Peep Toe Perspex Heel Shoe, via ASOS {$112.06}

So, I seriously just ran a total to see how much it would be to buy every single one of these items, right now.  I wonder if hubby would kill me? ;)

What's your favorite on the Lust List? I am dying for those Jeffrey Campbell wedges.  DYING.

xoxo, thanks for reading!


  1. i like number 1 and number 9. i'm craving jeffrey campbell heels from lulus though too!

  2. i already have #3.

    i like #1, #8 and #10.

  3. My faves are the gray pumps and that first pink top. So cute! :-)

  4. Girl I'm loving these great finds. I'm going to have to agree with you on #11 the Jefferey Campbell Wedges. Those are just to cute and great for the spring and summer!!

  5. The ASOS chinos pants are on my wishlist like forever :)

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