January 17, 2011

Get Inspired!

I subscribe to and read a lot of great blogs.  When I see something I really adore, I "star" it in Google Reader, which basically means to favorite it.  But, as helpful and inspiring it is to read a great blog post or article, it just isn't the same as having a physical picture to have and refer to as much as I like. And that is where my inspiration binder comes in.

I keep it really simple, using a 3 ring binder with clear pocket inserts to slide the clippings/pictures in.  I liked this idea better than a board; I can add as many clear insert pages as I want!

Not only do I print great pictures/articles/instructions/recipes out that I see online, I am also a magazine JUNKIE.  I clip and cut whatever I see and love in my favorite magazines and tuck it away in the binder for future reference. This month, I was lucky enough to receive a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card.  I had the pleasure of splurging on way too many magazines, many that I would not normally buy.

As I get warm and comfy with a cup of tea with honey to start reading, I grab a pair of scissors, a pen ...and a notebook to jot down things that I don't necessarily need to clip out.

My binder is broken out into sections for easy reference.

And here are a few of the pages with clippings.

How do you keep up with all of your favorite/inspiring ideas?

xoxo, thanks for reading!


  1. So organized you are.
    Let's see, fashion inspiration and recipes both have their own binders.
    Decorating ideas have a folder on my computer called HDI = Home Decorating Inspiration.
    Computer folder for Makeup Inspiration as well.

  2. i wish that i was that organized. anything that i want to keep together is online. i do nothing outside of cyberspace

  3. Wow you are so organized. If I see pictures online i really like, i save them into a folder but the rest is based on mental power.

  4. I am such a magazine hoarder too! I been thinking about doing the same thing & organize my fave pages. I cant bear to just throw them all out. Thanks for the idea & inspiration. I'm going to do the same thing before my BF just trashes all my beloved mags!

  5. I am such a magazine hoarder too! I been thinking about doing the same thing & organize my fave pages. I cant bear to just throw them all out. Thanks for the idea & inspiration. I'm going to do the same thing before my BF just trashes all my beloved mags!

  6. LOL... I keep magazines for years and years to come! I have three binders of tear sheets that I have been keeping and redoing for years. Love this post!

  7. I was in the middle of creating a vision board but the binder idea is much more functional! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much, I do the same thing. I have several of these binders from the years, with crafts, wedding inspiration and recipes!

    Great minds think alike!!

  9. wow i never really thought of doing something like this. i mean i have a folder on my desktop for things i find inspirational but i may give this a try. a great way to keep the mind clutter free. love it!


  10. I have one of these too!!! Good to know I'm not all by myself!! Mine only has fashion photos though. I keep my recipes in an online folder. This is really neat!


  11. Honestly?
    You are just so adorable (and crafty!)

    You're like.... a black, extra fashionable, Martha Stewart.


  12. Gah! AS IF I needed another reason to adore you!

    Junkie doesn't even begin to describe my predilection for magazines. It's a dern near illicit, torrid, page-turnin', tearin' love affair. At least once a month you can find me in a Borders or B&N hugging stacks of magazines, spreading them all across a cafe table with a cuppa and a notepad. The library up the street also has lots of amenable nooks and an excellent magazine selection :)

    I bind my recipes and file them in the kitchen. I have one inspiration board that's full of things that make me smile, but the rest of my clippings are collaged (inspiration board style) in large sketch books.

    I just love wielding a glue stick and slapping hairstyles, swanky rooms, jewels, fashionables and scenic shots all on one page centered around colors or moods or places.

    Such fun!

  13. I also keep my inspiration in a binder like 3.5". Most of it is fashion and makeup, categorized by seasons, event or looks I love. I have one section dedicated to vests and one for wide legged pants!! But none of it is as organized as yours.

  14. I love this idea Lexy!!! My magazine clippings and inspirational things are everywhere in my house SMH!!!! I need to get it together:-(

  15. I am going to get me a binder this weekend. I always see things I want to try I tear them out and then I misplace them and never get to try it. So I am loving this idea.

  16. This is such a good idea!! Thanks...rummaging around for an old binder as we speak!

  17. Wow...I totally love this idea! I'm a magazine junkie myself and I love collecting articles and inspiration from them. This is a perfect way to stay organized. By the way love the site..I'm a curvy girl myself :-)

  18. what an amazing idea. I have so many things that can be clipped and save, I love this.

  19. Ok, so I need to get one it with one of these! love the idea. I'm an organization nut, so I'm surprised I havent thought of this!

  20. OMG!! I love your idea. I am a hoarder of magazines myself and at the beginning of every year I go through them all and tear out pages that I love. However I just kept mine in a plastic container. Being that I am in law school, I hardly get to read them and save them all for the weekend and school breaks. I am going to buy a binder this weekend!!

    BTW!! There is a site called www.maghound.com where I get all my magazines. I get at least 15 per month for under $20!! It is legit because I have been using them for over 2 years now!


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