January 29, 2011

Winter Blues

{Skinny Jeans ~ Source of Wisdom via Torrid / Polka Dot Top ~ H&M / Faux Leather Jacket ~ DOTS / Leather Boots ~ Steve Madden / Crocheted Cowl ~ Made by Jaimielee over at Hip Oh!}

I. LOVE. this. cowl.  Not only is it so very soft and cozy, the color is just FABULOUS.  I am very easily uncomfortable {not to mention,  I just hate being bundled up}, so this cowl is perfect to throw on to add some warmth to my neck.  This is probably the 10th teal blue item that I own.  There is just something about this color that I am crazy about!

It was crocheted by my blog friend Jaimielee.  She is so talented!  Check her blog out here, she takes amazing pics {and has the cutest puppies ever!}. Drop her a line if you would like one, I believe she is still taking orders. Personally, I would love one in every color!  Could you imagine a bright red one? LOVE! :)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

January 26, 2011

Can't Stay Away

{Chocolate Khaki Pants ~ Dockers {I wish they were a little longer} / Leopard Tunic ~ Agora {was a gift from my gorgeous friend Lydia} / Bright Yellow Cardigan ~ Victoria's Secret / 80's Scrunch Boots ~ UrbanOG / Leather Handbag ~ Rachel Zoe / Bracelets ~ ASOS and NY&Co / Nail Polish ~ Gray by Gray, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure post, here}

Finally an outfit post, I feel like it has been ages! 

I can't seem to stay away from animal print. And apparently, my friends know how bad my leopard obsession is, my beautiful friend Lydia was kind enough to give me this fabulous tunic. I love the length. I also wore it out for drinks with black tights, a black blazer and black booties.  PERFECTION!

I feel like this has been my uniform lately: pants, tunic, cardigan and boots.  And let's not forget the coat, scarf and gloves.  It was surprisingly warm{er than usual} on Tuesday and I didn't freeze too much taking these pics without being bundled up. And that made me smile. :)

I am loving my soft wavy hair in these pics.  I have been using sponge rollers lately...such a great change!  Instead of wrapping it like I usually do, I divide my hair into small sections and roll them up. I then wrap it tight and go to sleep.  And nope, it doesn't hurt at all.  The rollers are foamy and soft. :) 

...not only does this new routine cut down on my getting-ready-time in the mornings, the curls last so much longer than they do when I use the hot electric curlers. LOVE!

January 25, 2011

Lust List / Volume 1.

1. ~ Pink Tier with Rosette Trim Top, via Torrid {$38.00}

2. ~ Ikat Print Maxi Dress, via Forever 21 Plus {$29.80}

3. ~ Lace Pannel Cardigan, via Forever 21 Plus {$19.80}

4. ~ Electric Zipper Tank, via Forever 21 Plus {$15.80}

5. ~ Lafayette 148 New York Silk Anorak, via Bloomingdales {$317.52}

6. ~ Waterfall Sleeve Waisted Top, via ASOS Curve {$43.10}

7. ~ Rose Bunch Flute Sleeve Dress, via ASOS Curve {$77.58}

♥ 8. ~ Chino Pants, via ASOS Curve {$51.72}

♥ 9. ~ Pleated Waist Seam Knitted Dress, via ASOS Curve {$60.34}

♥ 10. ~ GoMax Ashland 13 Grey Pastel Patent Pumps, via LuLu's {$31.00}

♥ 12. ~ PARTY ON Peep Toe Perspex Heel Shoe, via ASOS {$112.06}

So, I seriously just ran a total to see how much it would be to buy every single one of these items, right now.  I wonder if hubby would kill me? ;)

What's your favorite on the Lust List? I am dying for those Jeffrey Campbell wedges.  DYING.

xoxo, thanks for reading!

January 24, 2011

Warm and Sunny Dreams

{Tom Ford "Alexandra" Sunglasses - via Haute Look}

As if I weren't anxiously dreaming of warmer weather enough, buying my very first pair of Tom Ford sunglasses did not help.  At all.

Though I will wear these on sunny days now, I am just dying to rock these fab shades {"sunnies"? not sure how I feel about that nickname} on a warm and sunny day, draped in soft and pretty pastels.

I mean, will that warm-sunny-pretty-pastel spring day come anytime soon? ;)

xoxo, thanks for reading!

January 21, 2011

Make It Through


I wore 2 of my favorite thrifted blazers this week.  On the 2 days when I just happened to have been experiencing one of my least favorite things.  A migraine. :(

...crawling back under the covers, hopefully tomorrow will be pain-free.  I'm gonna try and take outfit pics on Saturday and Sunday.  We shall see. ;)

Have a great weekend! 

xoxo, thanks for reading!

January 19, 2011

Beauty Secret: The Clarisonic

I am the very proud owner of a Clarisonic.  After using it for the very first time a couple of months ago, I realize that before using this wonderfully amazing tool, I wasn't cleaning my skin properly.  At all. 

Though mine was generously handed down to me {without the brushes, of course} and is a bit vintage, it is still perfect.  It's hands down, the best kept beauty secret that I am happy to have discovered. 

{scrubbing feels so good!}

The Clarisonic gets deeep down and cleans my face beautifully. My skin feels baby-bottom soft and is squeeeeaky clean after washing it. I will be getting the body brush soon to start working on my natural all-over glowy look, in preparation of showing more SKIN in the warmer temps.

I use the same Aveeno cleanser that I would normally use.  It's just that much more effective using the Clarisonic. :)

Read more about the Clarisonic here. And get one here.

See, doesn't my face look CLEEEEEEAN?

xoxo, thanks for reading!

January 17, 2011

Get Inspired!

I subscribe to and read a lot of great blogs.  When I see something I really adore, I "star" it in Google Reader, which basically means to favorite it.  But, as helpful and inspiring it is to read a great blog post or article, it just isn't the same as having a physical picture to have and refer to as much as I like. And that is where my inspiration binder comes in.

I keep it really simple, using a 3 ring binder with clear pocket inserts to slide the clippings/pictures in.  I liked this idea better than a board; I can add as many clear insert pages as I want!

Not only do I print great pictures/articles/instructions/recipes out that I see online, I am also a magazine JUNKIE.  I clip and cut whatever I see and love in my favorite magazines and tuck it away in the binder for future reference. This month, I was lucky enough to receive a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card.  I had the pleasure of splurging on way too many magazines, many that I would not normally buy.

As I get warm and comfy with a cup of tea with honey to start reading, I grab a pair of scissors, a pen ...and a notebook to jot down things that I don't necessarily need to clip out.

My binder is broken out into sections for easy reference.

And here are a few of the pages with clippings.

How do you keep up with all of your favorite/inspiring ideas?

xoxo, thanks for reading!

January 13, 2011


{hot pink and mustard.  a new favorite color combination}
Sweater picked up at a cheapy clothing store for $10. And it's warm. SCORE! ;)
Also, can't get enough of this "Girl About Town" lipstick by MAC.  It's pretty awesome.

January 11, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

{Black Dress ~ Style & Co. via Macy's / Ruffle Cardigan ~ NY & Co. / Jacket ~ Elle via Kohl's / Black Suede Booties ~ Steve Madden / Gloves ~ Moschino Cheap and Chic / Black Tights ~ Hue / Handbag ~ Cole Haan / Scarf ~ DIY}

They are forecasting anywhere from 4-12 inches of snow to hit us before daybreak tomorrow.  In fact, it's snowing as I type.  Sigh. 

I made this infinity scarf by stitching together the ends on a strip of fleece.  Since I have to deal with being freezing while outside, I am pretty much planning to just make scarves out of any and every material I can think of, lol.  Next, I want to make one on ivory lace, to be worn with my faux leather jacket.  Leather and Lace?  YES, please!

It was so comforting having the softness of this fleece up against my face in the chilling temps. This jacket isn't the warmest, but it is lined and helped to keep out the enemy = the wind.

Can you tell that I hate the winter?  I will be a ball of HAPPINESS when the warmer temps arrive in a few months.  Just wait and see. :)

xoxo, thanks for reading!