The Belt Battle

November 3, 2010

So, I was supposed to take outfit pics and post Part Two of the "The Belted Beauty" mini-series tonight, belts needed (and still need) serious organization.  I almost had a closet meltdown this morning - nixed a belt altogether and just threw on a chunky sweater.  Which was perfect today since it was in the 30's when I left out and I was so mad I had to leave my warm and cozy bed.  

Every belt that I owned was just thrown into a pile at the top of my closet.  I took the time tonight to tie a piece of rolled chiffon fabric to each side of the bars in my closet and hung the belts over it.  Still not completely satisfied with the way it looks, but at least I can sorta browse through and see what I have.

...and I am not working with much space {unfortunately}.  Each side of my closet has 2 bars to hang (4 bars total) and it isn't enough.  It will never be enough.

The sad part is, I don't even think there is a practical way to store belts...unless you have ample space aka an entire room dedicated to clothes {as a closet} and can get super creative.  I have very limited space and have to keep everything inconspicuously confined {inside of} MY CLOSET, or hubby complains, lol.   

Until we are able to build my dream home where I can claim an entire room for my stuff, this will have to do. :)

If anyone out there has any ideas on belt storage, do share!

xoxo, thanks for reading and stay tuned for Part Two of the mini-series... :)


  1. Haha- my belts (there are very few, this is one thing I really need more of) are hung on thumbtacks stuck into the sides of my closet walls. They really are a difficult think to store!!!

    And I completely agree with you when it comes to dragging yourself out of bed on cold days. It's awful! It doesn't help that my bed is covered in microfleece and fuzzy comforters... sometimes I wish I was a bear.

  2. I keep a small bag of belts but I realize that would not be the best solution for your massive collection. I feel like looking at a tie rack of some sort could be useful. Your belt collection reminds me of my dad's tie collection, and his closet is super organized. Hope that helps!

  3. P.S: I totally have that brown + tan belt on the left in the first picture!

  4. How about a sock organizer? Depending on the belt size you'd roll them in put them in their square and could even store them under your bed. Google sock organizer. I like this one at this blog site. (I have no relationship to this person. I just liked the picture.

  5. My dream is to have an entire bedroom to use as a closet. Complete with a chaise lounge, built-in dressers, and mini-fridge with bottled water so I would never have to leave. :) Oh and a shoe wall. Sigh, I guess a girl can dream.

  6. I totally feel you on the closet space. I had to turn a nook in my living room into a closet with poles and curtains. lol
    I use a belt hanger thingy that doesn't take much room. I know this isn't helpful, I can't remember where I got either.

  7. my belts look like your first picture. thrown in a drawer that rolls under my bed. At times i have those moments where i find an old one and forget i had it. My dream organization would be a round standing swivel belt holder. they may sell those...don't know.


  8. So, please send the white and red and black and white polka dot belts my way...LOL!!

    I really need to organize my belts, I have them thrown in an old laundry hamper and it makes for hell trying to find a belt.

  9. An honest frustration, belt organization that is. Target sells a Rubbermaid belt/tie organizer for $17.99 that slips right on the shelf or the Command thingy's that stick to the wall. I would love to have your belt problems right now I only have a handful.

    Good Luck with them belts.

  10. I LOVE your blog!!! You have a great sense of style. I'm now following your blog.

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  11. Oh wow, that's a LOT of belts! What about drawer storage, using a sock divider?

  12. I use this technique to store my scarves and i think it would work for belts as well :)

    hang plastic shower curtain hangers on a wooden hanger... brilliant and cheap.

  13. Belt Storage... I roll mine and I'm lucky to have cubby holes shelves built in my closet, so I put them there. I had my husband hang a rack for me, as well. I have a lot of belts, some that don't even fit like they used to, but dare I part with them!


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