October 12, 2010

The Wedge

{Black Skinny Jeans ~ Style & Co, via Macy's / Short Sleeved Sweatshirt ~ DKNY / Wedges ~ Angeles via Yuradiche Boutique, NJ / Handbag ~ Cole Haan}

I just love wearing wedges.  They are the ultimate in comfort, giving the height of a sky-high heel but feeling more like a sneaker!  I can stand and/or walk in these all day and not feel an ounce of discomfort. 

These are very retro and remind me of a 70's disco for some reason.  I can't wait to wear these with a bare leg and a skirt soon, while the weather is mild enough to get away with  it.  And in the cooler temps with brightly colored tights? Oh yes!

{Obviously} I am really feeling the wedge boot trend.  I have my eye on cuties these too:


1. ASOS AVA Suede Lace Up Wedge Boot - $101.10
2. Aldo Tauret Wedge - $80.00

How do you feel about wedges / wedge boots?  Definitely more comfy than a heel, right?


  1. First let me say... I love the wedges...

    Secondly, and please don't take this the wrong way.... but can I ask you...Is that your hair? I mean it is awesome... And if it is indeed yours.... you must tell me all about it...seriously... LOL!

    I'm sorry...

    If it isn't yours that is by far one of thee most awesome weaves/wigs I've ever seen...

    But then again... I went to college with some of the chicks from Philly....and for the most part their hair was always gorg!

    I also love you sense of style...

    ok...yeah...I'm done...

  2. loooove those wedges and the comfort factor of wedges in general. just so much more comfy than heels...unless they are chunky heels :D great look, digging the outfit


  3. I too love wedges & they are far more comfortable than heels, but may have a little competition from platform heels- I can't wear a heel any more unless it's platform!

    You look great as always! Keep doing what you do!

  4. I REAAAALLY like the first ones!!

  5. I love wedges & I love your outfit!

  6. Oh Lexy I just adore everything about you!!! We already have discussed how I feel about wedges, so no need to repeat myself!

  7. Wedges are a must have. I love the fact that they are stylish, classic, and comfortable. I just wish there were more options for winter. You can find different colors etc in the summer but winter styles are more basic.

  8. LOVE those wedges you have on. they will go with a lot, i'm sure! i need a pair of black jeans asap lol.

  9. I like the wedge booties a lot too. I own one pair and I need more! Cute DKNY sweater.


  10. your style is not only effortless, but flawless. u. betta. work.

  11. I am a wedge devotee, I must admit I have more wedges in my closet than any other shoe type. You rock them well Lecy and kudos on the wedge booties your feeling.

    FYI- the MIGNOGNA from Aldo are hot for fall too.

  12. love the wedge look and feel! lovin this post


  13. I also love wedges... but these wedges are killing me... you look amazing!!!

    Diva in Deep Thought

  14. I'm thissss close to goign to your house and staling all your clothes LOL! I love everything you own!

  15. I'm not a fan of wedges, but I like the way you wore yours.
    Might make me reconsider.



  16. Loving the leopard and wedge! HAWT!!

    Come enter my giveaway!

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