October 20, 2010

Trouser Spirit

{Trousers ~ Lane Bryant / Black T-Shirt ~ Target / Ruffled Vest ~ Torrid / Patent Pumps ~ Nine West / Handbag ~ Cole Haan / Watch ~ D&G / Belt ~ Leather Strap (from old handbag) / Scarf ~ NY&Co.}

I spent all afternoon on Sunday at the mall{s}, shopping for pants. Well-fitting, reasonably priced, trousers or pants for work. I easily tried on 30 pairs - so very exhausting!  After going from NY & Company to Bloomingdales, Macy's, Loft, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Express and back again, I left with 6 pairs. So exciting!

I even found 2 perfect black pairs in Macy's {Style & Co.} that were on clearance. SCORE!

I purposely ended the search at Lane Bryant and although I don't normally shop there, they have the best selection of pants that fit thick thighs and true curves. They are not straight up and down or low rise - like most of the "city" trousers I was trying on. And I love that they have just a bit of stretch. …which is what I always need. Needless to say, I will not be shopping for pants in a long while. {Thank goodness!}

Don't you just love a nice pair of classic, well-fitting pants? 

I am so happy to have new pants to wear to work with blazers, tops and cardigans. I was seriously in a black-pants-rut, wearing the same 7 or 8 pairs over and over. Very uninspiring. Next, I need to begin a search for a few skirts. Specifically, a nice below-the-knee pencil skirt and a pretty a-line skirt. A well fitting sheath dress would be great to have too.

P.S. I rocked purple today, in honor of Spirit Day. :)

Thanks for stopping by ~ xoxoxo!


  1. Is there any color you can't wear??? So pretty.

    and yes, pants that fit are of the most importance!

  2. I wore purple too! you look fab as always, that scarf is so pretty!

  3. GREAT pumps with those trousers! I need new pants ASAP lol

  4. OMG YOur hair!!!!! SOOOO AMAZING. and that purple with the black, I love it, and with the gray pants... love how this is styled.

  5. black pants are classic chic.

  6. love your outfit! that belt ties it all together! and so happy you are wearing purple on this important day


  7. I wish I had known about Spirit Day earlier, I only found out through Twitter and by then it was too late (damn time difference!) You look fabulous in purple and those are some cool trousers, it's so hard to find flattering trousers for curvy women- lucky you!

  8. I too have the hardest time finding pants that fit and aren't low rise and create that muffin top. I love how your mixed these colors.. that vest is adorable!

  9. Your trousers fit perfectly. I have so much trouble finding pants girl:-( Love the purple on you you as well!

  10. Those are some mighty sharp slacks you've got on there, and j'adore the grey/black blend + the purple + the black top. And of course, I heart the scarf, but the belt aka ol' handbag strap?! Slay me already. This is a master class on fashion.

    I love that we are shopping for almost the same exact things! I'm on the hunt this weekend for some more trousers. I always have the most luck with Style & Co. at Macy's, so I'm hopefully starting and ending there. I do need to find a nice pair or two of some chinos though -- preferably some army green and classic khaki.

  11. really pretty! purple is such a lovely color :D

  12. You look great as usual. I went to red white and blue girl. I had a ball. take care.


  13. Love the combo of the purple and gray...top two colors for fall...You're totally kickin' it!
    Kristina J.

  14. Miss Lexy you've got amazing skin and a wonderful tone any color you put on looks a little brighter, the purple is looking fab.

    I too have a hard time shopping for trousers, I have a short torso + small waist + hips = gapping at the waist. I typically buy pants with stretch. On a happier note I think I will be shopping for trousers this weekend.

  15. love love love!
    mmm blazers and trousers. love.

    miss you girl! been so busy I've not been keeping up on my favys.

    talk soon
    jessica kane

  16. Just started following your blog and I love it. I think your style is evolving beautifully. From one plus size Diva to another...xoxo

  17. I have a scarf just like that and it's one of my faves.

  18. I love the purple vest and the handbag! I have thick thighs and I am short so it is extremely hard to find pants that fit! Ugh!


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