It's In The Bag!

October 27, 2010

Fact about me: I am a very observant {read: nosy} person.  Have always been and probably will always be.  For that reason, I love seeing these "what's in my purse" posts, so I decided to do one. 

Here's what I'm luggin' around everyday:

1. Leather Rachel Zoe for QVC bucket bag.  I love this bag!  It's HUGE and fits all that's pictured with room to spare.  I normally throw in a water bottle or magazine when needed and have no problem with needing room.  BUT, it does get HEAVY.  Between the leather being substantial and the chain strap, it's very weighty. 

2. Louis Vuitton Vernis cosmetic pouch that I use as a wallet.

3. Baekgaard coin purse.   

4. Blistex Deep Renewal chapstick.  This is definitely needed for the cooler temps, my lips get so dry!

5. NYX "Goddess of the Night" Lip gloss.  My current fave!  It's nude but with a little bit of golden shimmer.  I have also been known to put this on over a bright pink... very pretty!

6. My trusty iPhone, which I just love.  Hopefully, I will be getting the iPhone 4 soon.

7. Adorable Clinique cosmetic pouch that holds my powder, bronzer and travel brushes for quick touch-ups when needed.

8. My keys, of course!  The "a" is for my "real" name - Alyxandria.  And the silver Minnie was a gift from my 12 year old niece. :)

9. My blog business cards, ordered through  LOVE them, the quality is excellent!

10. My beloved beaded "L" pouch, which was given as a gift to hold a beautiful bracelet. I now use it to carry my lip gloss and mascara for on-the-go touch ups. 

11. Compact mirror for teeth checks, lipstick application, etc.

12. Excedrin.  Which must be carried at all times.  Unfortunately, I get headaches and migraines more often than I would like.

13. Nivea's Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream.  I absolutely hate when restrooms have cheap soap that dries my hands, this is a fantastic moisturizer. 

14. Coral scarf from H&M.  I love throwing this on when it gets chilly in the office.  And the color brightens my face, which is always good.

15. Sunglasses, that I always forget to put on when needed.  I also keep a pair in the car.

16. Notebook and pen.  I am always jotting down ideas, making lists, remembering songs, stealing recipes, noting names.  Basically, needing somewhere to WRITE - so a pen and pad is essential.

17. Earrings.  For some reason, there is always a pair of earrings in the bottom of every handbag that I own. These are from Forever 21.

18. GUM.  A must have. Popping in a piece of chewing gum instantly brightens my mood. And yes, I am gum-cracker (or popper), unfortunately.  I can't help it, lol!

And that's it! 

Keeping it all the way real: what you don't see, that's still INSIDE of my handbag, is a huge pile of old receipts, napkins (the kids always need them), a few bills, and maybe a gum wrapper or two, lol. 

When I am going out and just need a clutch, I only take my wallet, a few business cards, gum, cosmetic pouches if I can, and ditch everything else  

Please tell me your handbag is as full as mine?! 

xoxoxo, thanks for reading!

P.S. - My blog officially resides at  So excited! :)


  1. I love your name! So pretty and that little coin purse is just adorable. :)

  2. I can't help but crack my gum either lol. Loved this post, I'm nosy too!

  3. Busy bag:) I have given up big bags for the moment. I am opting for clutches for now... not sure how long it will last :)

  4. Yuuupp.. Im pretty nosy too.. So I like these posts as well. cute scarf from H&M. And I am DEFINITLEY a "gum cracker"! My pod mates hate it. Do you really hand out your blog business cards? How is that working out?
    Mrs Hall In Training

  5. very neat and organized bag.
    I feel you on the excedrin....must have! and you reminded me i need to order business cards for my blog and shop. I'll check out

    my latest post: Print Mixing

  6. I would be so embressed to show all the crap in my purse...ha ha!!

    I have to say I don't understand how people are able to pop their gum. I have tried, but its like a hidden talent...LOL!!

  7. I love these posts, but more so the ones that keep it real. You have truly shown what most women carry...every darn thing. LOL I'll do a post soon with all my junk showing.

  8. LOVING this post!! I am so nosy too and enjoy seeing what people carry around. I have to get me a nice big bucket bag like that!

  9. I cannot lie, I am absolutely addicted to your blog! Its amazing, interesting, fun and your outfits are amazing. Keep up the good work girly!!

  10. I love 'what's in my bag,' post cause I am {nosy} too and I love seeing what people are into and more importantly the reason/importance behind the items.

  11. LOL! I am so glad that I am not the only nosy one! :) Thanks ladies!

    IBP ~ that is too funny and you know what, I don't think gum cracking can be learned or taught, it's just done. LOL..and I can never explain how I do it.

    And Mrs. Hall ~ the biz cards are great to have at all times. I often talk about my blog so to have a card to hand over is ideal.


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