Happy in Heels

September 9, 2010

{Black "skirt" ~ DIY was a t-shirt / Top ~ Sunny Leigh for Macy's / Steve Madden Booties / Cole Haan Handbag / KVZ watch}

This week, I was asked if I even owned a pair of flats.  HA!  Actually I do, but I am a heels girl.  Most times, the higher the better. 

Being honest, I NEED to start embracing the idea of putting on a chic flat.  Especially for work.  My ankles are feeling the strain of being in a heel every day.

But as I mentioned before, I feel really short and close to the ground in flats.  I even walk differently - almost uncomfortably, in a flat shoe.  I crave the clickity clack of a heel.  They make me feel like a lady. 

How do you feel about flats?  I know I can't be the only one who prefers heels! :) 

Here are a few of my favorite flats at the moment:

1. Kate Spade ~ Naomi : $207.90 (SPLURGE)
2. SE Boutique ~ Inga Flat : $49.95 (MUST BUY!)
3. Stuart Weitzman ~ Pellets - Gold Jelly Flat : $70.00 (perfect to buy now for next Spring)
4. Spiegel ~ Studded Flat : $29.99
5. CL by Chinese Laundry ~ Glamour Flat : $39.95 


  1. oooh that top is LOVELY!

    I'm lovin those studded flats. They are definitely my fave of the bunch.


  2. Lovly top! Looks great on you.
    I attempted to wear heels for work and I fell and sprained my ankle! So its back to flats for me. Love the options you chose. The black studded flats are totally me...love them!

  3. I am loving that top! Very cute. And I will take the red flats. Thanks. :)

  4. these photos look very vintage... NICE! I love those jelly flats.that color is yummy,

  5. I seriously love oxford/oxford inspired shoes. SO MUCH.

  6. you always have thee best shoes on!! love this outfit, way cute!

  7. I love flats, I think they are very classy and, most of the time, confortable. I'm starting to wear heeels again after a long period, but I have to wear them only for short periods.;)

  8. Beautiful, polished look. Love that top!

  9. You look so pretty-honestly I wish I could wear heels more, but I teach school so flats are a must have for me unfortunately:_(

  10. Cute fall outfit. The shoes are divine!

  11. I just had this very conversation with Juannette from Fashionnettework! We both love heels but sometimes we gotta break out flats and it makes me sad, sad, sad. I don't feel the same in flat shoes.


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