Work it.

August 30, 2010

{Tshirt ~ Forever 21 / Cardi ~ H&M / Shorts ~ Torrid / Booties ~ UrbanOG}

Shorts and booties?  What an odd combination! 
Who wears shorts and booties? 

I do. :) 

Combine 2 or 3 pieces that don't go together.  Layer and layer some more.  {Wear jeans and a dress.} Add a pop of color.  Pile on 6 bangle bracelets. {Wear that fancy dress you have been saving for a special occasion.}  Wear animal print. {Mix florals and stripes.}  Wear more than one necklace.  Carry a clutch instead of a handbag.  Throw on a scarf.  {Wear a bright red lip during the day.}  Rock polka dots.  Whatever it is, add a belt.  Mix and wear 2 fragrances together.  {Pop your collar up.}  Wear sequins during the day.  Pull out those heels that you never wear.  {Break rules.} Take risks.  Have fun. 

It's YOUR style.  Make it work! :)


  1. too cute. I agree with this post and do it often with my accessories. I like to wear totally inappropriate earrings with my I love those shoes. You look hott mama!

  2. Very pretty! Loving those booties. I need to get my shoes where you get yours!

  3. HOTTIE!! Love those booties! And I agree with your advice... life is too short to not take fashion risks lol. :-)

  4. hells yeah, great advice! :o) taking risks is half the fun with fashion!

  5. I like your style and your advice!! you are a gorgeous girl!

  6. Lovin it girl--but my thighs don't like shorts LOL!

  7. I love it! super cute booties! hott mama! =)

  8. I couldn't have said it any better =)
    and you look lovely as always n_n



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