Star Studded

August 18, 2010

{White trousers ~ Lane Bryant / Star printed top ~ Faith 21 / Cardi ~ Banana Republic / Platform pumps ~ Urban OG}

I am trying to get the best use out of the items in my closet that won't transition into fall.  Like these white trousers.  I will be replacing these white ones with an extra long, dark grey pair to wear with rich plums and navy.   Can't wait!

The light and bright tops will need to get put away storage {our garage} until next spring soon.  It's always exciting to see what I packed away last year and what will still work this year...which will most likely be EVERYTHING.  I wear things year after year, putting pieces together differently each time, as if they were brand new.  I love doing that!

I am so excited to dust off the boots and wear them too! (Even though I have been wearing booties all summer long.)

...And yes, I plan on wearing peep and open toe shoes until snow hits the ground.  And even then, they may still make an appearance.  I get the craziest looks when it is 30 degrees and I am coat less with peep toe pumps on - making a mad dash into the supermarket.  Haha!  LOVE it! :)

Am I the only crazy person who doesn't wear a coat every single day in the winter?  It's usually nice and toasty in the car and I spend most of the time driving anyway.  Ok, enough about winter.  I am excited about FALL, but winter can wait!

Thanks for reading!!

xoxoxo ♥


  1. what a super cute, easy breezy outfit! I love it, so chic yet comfortable looking. Get it girly

  2. This outfit is so well put together and I am loving that green cardi ;)

  3. love this outfit, you always looks chic!! <3

  4. Looking good!! Love the color of the cardi. And your shoes are super cute!

  5. LOVE it LOVE it!! you put things together so well, thanks for the inspiration! I have to wear my white pants soon again, before Labor Day! haha!

  6. AMAZING as always! I need those shoes. (love your blog, keep up the good work)

  7. In SERIOUS love with your coordination skills! I am envious! LOL I am so matchy matchy, so it's nice to be able to gain some inspiration from this outfit!

  8. Okay, I hardly know where to begin, but I first have to thank you for commenting on my post. Secondly, I have to admit that I subscribed to your blog via Google Reader so I'm always reading, but I have been slack about actually clicking on the post so I could comment. That ends today for the following reasons:

    1. I LOVE how you've built and continue to mold this page into the beauty that it is and represents. The layout, all the fun widgets - it's inspirational, and likewise, keeps me on my toes. Now I want to re-tool my page :)

    2. Everybody who visits here already knows this, but your style sense is magnificent, fresh and fun. I absolutely love seeing how you put things together.

    3. You make me want to shop, and I've never been crazy about shopping. I've been wary about jeggings, but I'm fidna give those things a workout, honey!

    4. I love how you've given your blog such a great attitude. When I see whatever it is that you rock, I appreciate how it's just about you -- it's not about bein' flashy, or one-upping anybody else or a deliberate "this is what you need to do to wear this like so." It's genuinely refreshing to see someone revel in their own creativity, and it allows me to admire you and fashion in a way that alters my perspective, and that's really beautiful, so thank you :)

  9. Love the contrast of colors many people feel that their clothes has to match perfectly LOL but you are showing them how to do it girl!

  10. lovely <3 i love ur hair ,, i wish i can style mine like dat

  11. I can not wear white pants. I swear I will stain them before I can even pull them up all the way. I love the mix of green and black and white. You always put stuff together in a way I would have never thought of!!

  12. Love ur bLOG ♥
    nice outfit ..

    ps: i am ur new reader


  13. Gorgeous pictures! I love that green color, it looks great on you. The bangle is really cute too! xoxo

  14. What a cute outfit! you are so gifted in putting things together. this is simple but STUNNING!

  15. WOOOOW!! SOOOOO much LOVE on this comment thread! A gigantic THANK YOU to all of you beautiful ladies!!! xoxoxo! :)


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