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August 8, 2010

{Jeans ~ Torrid / Thrifted vintage polkadot top / Platforms ~ Bebe / Fringe suede bag - JJ Cole}

Oh, how I adore this vintage button-less top. One of the many black and white pieces I have in my closet that will just go well with anything. 

I chose to wear it with gray skinny jeans, that admittedly, annoyed me all day.  They are just too large in the waist and had to be tightly belted, resulting in this buckling around the crotch that I am NOT a fan of.  I like my skinnies to be SKIN TIGHT, and these clearly are not.  I could have gone down to a size 14 in these, especially since they stretched as I wore them.  Oh well, I made them work. 

These platforms were purchased from Bebe about a year ago and I almost forgot about them!  They are 5 inches and I am an amazon in them, which I love. 

I'm amazed at how fast this weekend went! 

I hope everyone enjoyed it! xoxoxo ♥


  1. Love your bag girl! You look adorable :)

    cheers, Jesa

  2. SLAMMIN SHOES!!!!!! VERY SEXY!! <3 !!!

  3. great shoes! love the whole outfit


  4. fabulous!!!! super cute!


  5. very cute! I have a pair of grey skinnies that I cannot wait to wear with something. I must get new shoes first! lol You look fab, LOVE those shoes!

  6. hot mama, love the fringe bag, so hot!! and the heels too. WO! nice.

  7. the bag is so cute and those shoes are ridiculously hot, you look amazing :)

  8. Your outfit is so cute, girl I had to follow you on twitter because you are bad:-)

  9. i love grey jeans =( i have one thats size 2 ,, and doesnt fit me yet ,, but am getting there =D lol

    looking great ,,

  10. LIVING for this look! Def love the splash of color & you make those jeans look amazing! I need to get me a pair of those!


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