Perfectly Pastel

July 22, 2010

{Seersucker pants ~ NY&Co / T-shirt ~ Target / Vintage stretch belt / Ruffle Scarf ~ H&M / Metallic Pumps ~ Kenneth Cole / Suede Fringe Bag ~ JJ Cole }

Keepin’ it real, the decision to wear the scarf like this was made right before I took these pics.

I had a cardigan over this t-shirt for work and had the scarf draped around my neck, since it is always freezing at my job. Of course, as soon as I hit the door, the heat almost knocked me over and I immediately ripped the cardigan off. The scarf was long enough to be slung over my neck and belted, giving the look of a long flyaway cardigan. The ruffles give this look a feminine touch and I adore it! I also love these seersucker ankle pants. They are so comfy and can go with anything.

Can’t wait to dress them down, cuffing them up and wearing them with white sneakers on the weekend.

Last night, I decided to add one of my bib necklaces, tulle and ribbon to this ivory clutch that I had picked up while thrifting. The sticker price was on the front of the bag, and when I peeled it off, it left a huge square light spot, right in the middle. What a great way to cover it. I LOVE how it turned out!!

Can’t wait to rock it this for my birthday weekend, THIS weekend. Yup, my 31st birthday is on Monday.

It should be a fun-filled summer hot weekend, so excited!

I have plans with my honey to have an early dinner at the most amazingly posh Steakhouse on Sunday. Can’t wait to get dolled up for that!

Also on the list to rock this weekend? These gorgeous feather earrings I picked up from a random accessories store in NYC, last summer. These earrings are HUGE in person and brush my shoulders. They are PERFECTION!

Stay tuned for a few outfit posts this weekend.  :)


  1. Love the soft sheer peach color with the metallic belt :)

    Stop by my blogs!

  2. WOW stunning, love the pastels on you and the purple fringy bag! <3

  3. Nice blog...that scarf is a wonderful colour!! :)

  4. you are gorgeous hun! what a pretty scarf. And how smart to belt it like that. Can't wait to see your birthday outfits.

  5. ooh, I love the color of the scarf and how you worked it with the belt!!!

    I can't wait to see pics of you guys all dolled up.

  6. Love how you put this look together- and so crafty with the addition to the purse

  7. You look so cute,I love how you used the scarf in this outfit. xo

  8. Really cute and clever use of a scarf!!!!

  9. OMG I LOVE this outfit, GIVE IT!!! lol seriously I want it! heehee :)


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